GTA V Red Dead Redemption Mod has Been Banned by Rockstar


Rockstar will never allow any modder or developer to just put in Red Dead Redemption, one of their successful games in the world of GTA V.

While Grand Theft Auto V is an amazing and brilliantly beautiful game of its own, PC gamers are still not happy for one reason. Red Dead Redemption continues to be a console exclusive and there is still no word on bringing to the Windows 10 platforms. Rockstar is already mulling over the idea to make the next sequel for the game set in the wild wild west.

GTA V Red Dead Redemption Mod

A modder named Mr. Leisurewear worked hard to get the files and the graphics ready to bring the game within the world of GTA. Given the graphical capabilities and the size of the game, creating the world of Red Dead Redemption within the map isn’t such an impossible feat. A group of people worked on the mod and when it was close to completion, they launched a trailer that caught the attention of Rockstar.

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As speculated, the original developers of the game was not happy with a random mod that would bring an entire game into another work of their without prior permission. They didn’t demand any other changes to be made to the mod but rather banned the complete thing and asked the modders to stop working on it. The trailer that was posted on Youtube that showed how Red Dead Redemption would look in GTA 5 was take down.

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“We did kind of expect this and it is a hard pill to swallow. We were contacted by the company and we are sad to stop this project from proceeding any further. We would love to thank you guys for the support and were so happy working on this but unfortunately it had to stop now,” said Mr. Leisurewear who is one of the prominent mod developers in the team.


While they didn’t mention who contacted them, it could have been Take Two who made the call on behalf of Rockstar. Usually, publishers do this job and developers may support it as well. After all, Rockstar is one company that released GTA 5 on PS3, Xbox 360 to make sales but never announced that it is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC leading to so many rumors. They usually focus more on sales than what the gamers would want which is why everyone got such a subpar GTA V on old generation consoles before the 4K version launched on PC five years later.