GTA 5 PS3 and Xbox 360 Edition Progression Transfer to PC Ends on March 6th

GTA 5 Xbox 360 Edition

Rockstar Games has earlier announced that GTA 5 PC edition owners can transfer save files, progression and in-game items from PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

The last generation consoles are already out of context and no longer receive any new games except for the select few. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 had such a good run with a large player base. Even though, they were on the end of this console cycle, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto V on these platforms first. The graphics had to be toned down a lot and it did offer great fun much to the delight of gamers.


Now, it’s time to bid goodbye to these consoles. Most entry level graphic cards including the Nvidia GTX 750ti, GTX 1050 among other AMD cards will be able to play GTA 5 at medium to high settings. If you are planning to keep playing the game for its vast open world and the never ending content on GTA Online, this could be a good time to buy the PC edition.

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The developers are running a limited period sale that heavily discounts the game on Steam. The PC edition offers the highest level of detail, much higher than the PS4 and Xbox One editions with an exclusive first person view and other graphical improvements. The gameplay and storyline is still the same that you experienced on your PS3, Xbox 360 consoles.

Everything that you have saved so far in the old generation consoles can be directly transferred to the PC Edition of Grand Theft Auto V. It includes characters and progression which when you do so will look much better on your computer because of the improvements made to the overall graphics. The aging consoles were hardly able to deliver the best visuals due to limited hardware but that’s not the case for Windows PCs. The discounted offer will run till February 21st on Steam sale while you can transfer progression till March 6th after which it will not be available.

GTA 5 Xbox 360 Edition

Rockstar has already started working on a new Grand Theft Auto game scheduled for launch in 2020. They are also working on the next iteration of Red Dead Redemption among other unannounced titles. Many of these games are confirmed only through rumors but given the company’s history, we won’t know when they are going to launch or even announce the titles until the last minute before they hit retail shelves.

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