GTA Vice City Definitive Edition: New Video Announces The Comeback of Supercop


GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition did not get the kind of grand launch Rockstar Games was expecting it to.

As the game was launched, it was found to be infested with numerous bugs. While Rockstar Games had to be blamed partly for this, the truth is that not every bug was a result of a hurriedly developed and launched remaster. Many of these bugs have existed ever since the first few games in the gaming franchise were launched.

Recently, a player brought to the fore the happening of a rather strange incident. In the middle of a mission, a cop emerged out of nowhere and changed the dynamics of the prevailing situation. Those who don’t have the details of the original release might have been led to believe that it was one of the many glitches found in the Definitive Edition of the game. That, however, is far from being the truth.

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There has been a very interesting character in the GTA franchise who has made fleeting appearances in different editions. Called a Supercop or an Ultracop, this character was first introduced in PS2. Post the launch of this character, players would sometimes see him appearing out of nowhere and arresting them. It has been observed that this would largely occur when a player boasted of a very high star rating. While it is quite common to see cops adopting obnoxious methods to arrest somebody in the game but the way the Supercop operates is rather fascinating.

When Supercop wishes to arrest a suspect, he can jump from a tall building or emerge out of thin air. In the aforementioned situation, the appearance of the Supercop is a little strange as this particular player does not enjoy a very high star rating. Interestingly, after being jerked from the car, he walks away quietly and seems to be content with causing disruption in the side mission which the player was a part of.

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I messed ‘Cone Crazy’ up so badly that I got in legal trouble. from GTA

ZonZolto, a prominent Redditor, shared a joke stating that the player was driving his vehicle so badly that the Supercop was compelled to appear before him. Right now, one is not sure whether the ‘Supercop’ bug have got activated because of the GTA Trilogy Remaster or there is some other reason behind it. While some players do not wish to see the Supercop appearing unannounced in the game, there are many who believe that his surprise arrivals will make the game more exciting.

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