GTA Vice City Remaster Ads Leaked To PlayStation Users


The launch of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition didn’t turn out to be as smooth as the developing team would have expected it to.

Many bugs and serious flaws were encountered in the triple pack and that marred the impact of the launch. The developers at Rockstar Games have taken certain important steps to ensure that these issues are resolved. Now, a certain leak has enabled many players, who didn’t want to buy it, to enjoy playing GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on PlayStation.

While GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was released last year, there were many GTA players who didn’t get a chance to experience it. Now, even those who have not purchased the requisite amount to play this trilogy would get to play it if they use a PlayStation.

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While Rockstar Games have been silent on this matter so far, a large number of Twitter users have shared screenshots of some advertisements and publicity material that have been taken down now. As per these ads, GTA Vice City will be arriving on PlayStation sometime in the future. The advertisements also state that PlayStation subscribers will have access to these games till May 22. Since advertisement leaks mostly prove to be accurate, there is a very good chance of this information being true.

Rockstar Games has distributed these games, according to the subscription services availed to by players, in a slightly peculiar manner. At the moment, PlayStation Now users get to play Grand Theft Auto 3 from the definitive edition. Those who have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, however, have been offered GTA: San Andreas to play. While GTA 3 marked the reboot of this gaming franchise and contributed greatly to its prolonged success, the arrival of San Andreas proved to be a major turning point for the franchise. The latter also happens to be the last title by Rockstar Games to be launched on PlayStation 2.

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Right now, there is no clarity about why the gaming publisher decide to divide the trilogy among the subscribers of PlayStation and Xbox. One has to wait for some time to find out whether those who have subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass will get to play Vice City or not.Rockstar Games should make this classic more accessible as there are many young GTA fans who have not played it.

The release of Grand Theft Auto 5’s Expanded and Enhanced should be happening in the near future but Rockstar Games hasn’t released any material that could give players an idea of what they should expect from it. This had led to many players speculating about a delay in its release. Fans are also getting restless waiting for Rockstar Games to make an official announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6.

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