Upcoming Blaster Master Zero to Feature Two New Characters

Blaster Master Zero

The upcoming Blaster Master Zero that is scheduled for release on the Switch and 3DS console versions of the Nintendo has something interesting for enthusiastic gamers.

The version 1.3 of the game that will be released in a couple of days allows you to role play two characters Shantae and Shovel Knight although you can represent only one character in a game. A leaked online trailer highlights that the two characters have been integrated quite well into the Blaster Master Zero game. Playing as any of these characters help you to explore various mutant-filled subterranean depths.

The Shantae DLC will be available from the Switch/3DS eShop along with the game as soon as it hits the console. However, you will have to wait a while longer to lay your hands on the other character Shovel Knight. The DLC of this character will be available in the eShop a month later from the third of August. Just like the two earlier and already existing characters Gunvolt and Ekoro, the new characters will be available for free for a fortnight after they are released. If you want to continue using them after the free trial period, you will have to pay a nominal fee of close to two US dollars. The fee for the European market is yet to be announced. In other words, by the time Shovel Knight is available for free, the Shantae character will be paid if you have already downloaded it and want to continue using the same.

Blaster Master Zero New Character

For those who are new to Blaster Master Zero, this game is a 2D action-adventure game that offers sideview and top-down approach. First released in March 2017, the game can be played by a maximum of two players at a time. The game offers new characters to wage battles against and new exploration areas, in addition to various new upgrades and features. The story revolves around a robotic engineer Jason Frudnick who stumbles upon a strange creature that he calls Fred. Jason keeps Fred in his lab under close observation. One day Fred escaped from the lab into a hole and Jason follows it. This leads him to a cave where he finds a battle vehicle called SOPHIA III. Boarding this vehicle, Jason embarks on his adventure in a subterranean world to resume searching for Fred. What happens next forms the story of the game.

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