Halo TV Series Latest Episode Gives A Shout-Out To Spongebob Squarepants


Three episodes of Halo, the new series by Paramount Pictures, have been released so far.

The show has quite interestingly paid homage to many popular series so far. Recently, it offered a hat tip to Mass Effect, a prominent sci-fi gaming show, by talking about Commander Shepard, the player character from the trilogy. Now, it has made a reference to Spongebob Squarepants.

The Halo series traces the journey of Master Chief who happens to be fighting a war against The Covenant, an alien coalition that wishes to destroy human life. Many popular characters and plots, that one stumbled upon in the game, feature in the series. The series is set in the ‘Silver Timeline’ which is quite different from the timeline one witnessed in the game. While not everybody has warmed up to the show, it has received appreciation from a large number of viewers. Even before it had its premiere in March, it was already renewed for a second season.

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The Easter Egg was spotted by the viewers in the second episode of the series which was titled ‘Unbound’. Hiddentvdetailsshared the details about the Easter Eggon TikTok. This particular Easter Egg can be observed when Master Chief and Kwan come face-to-face with the hermit and Reth, a former Covenant prisoner. The little detail found on Reth’s table happens to be a miniature model that closely resembles Squidward’s home in Bikini Bottom.

The Easter Egg serves as an irreverent homage to the animated series on Nickelodeon. For Paramount Plus, Spongebob Squarepants has been a very important series. This is the reason why the streaming service has marketed it so extensively. Given its popularity, one can assume that many more Spongebob related easter eggs will feature in the series in the near future.

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