Halo Infinite Leaked Picture Shows Possible Frigate Multiplayer Map

halo infinite

Halo Infinite was dropped out of the blue as a free multiplayer game in November 2021.

The surprise launch worked in its favor as a large number of players tried this game out of curiosity and then, liked it enough to continue playing it for a while. Though the game started off on a good note, its popularity has declined steadily in the last couple of months. Some of the factors that have resulted in its decline include connection problems, disliked cash shops and insufficient content.

The fans, who have been loyal to the game so far, believe that it will get back on track soon. Halo Infinite Season 2 was revealed recently and the much-awaited Forge mode is expected to come out soon. The efforts being put in by the Halo Infinite team have helped the fans retain their belief in the game.

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One of the major issues with the game is the lack of a sufficient number of maps for multiplayer gameplay. At the moment, the game features just about 10 maps for its multiplayer mode and many of these are designed exclusively only for Big Team Battle Mode. Many players have complained about the game not being interesting enough as it has a limited number of games. The recently surfaced rumors, which indicate towards the developing team of Halo Infinite introducing new maps in the near future, have definitely made the loyalists happy.

InfiniteLeaks, an account that frequently shares news about Halo Infinite, shared a picture of an image that looks like a work-in-progress map. As per InfiniteLeaks, this image represents the (unfinished) map for the multiplayer mode. The map seems to have been titled Frigate and consists of a huge UNSC ship that had a turbulent landing on a mountainside. If we go by the picture, it seems this particular map is being designed to be a small-sized arena map.

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As the release of the cooperative campaign of Halo Infinite has been pushed again, this new map leak should succeed in creating a good amount of excitement among fans.

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