Herbalife Soy Products Review – Full of Quality Nutrients for Your Body

Soy, or soybeans, is a popular food and dietary supplement found in everything from soy milk to snacks. It rose to its current heights due to the fact it’s a complete protein and supplies all nine essential amino acids that the body can’t create. Consuming soy reduces the need to consume meat while still delivering necessary nutrition that helps the body perform at its best.

Herbalife Nutrition offers a full lineup of soy-based products that come in convenient forms for you to consume and enjoy while supplying your body with high-quality nutrients.

About Herbalife Products and Soy: Busting the Myths Surrounding Soy

Soy contains small amounts of phytoestrogens that are similar to human estrogen. Rumors started that men who consumed soy could develop female characteristics known as gynecomastia. There was also the concern that men would experience a drop in testosterone levels as well. However, these rumors were quickly dispelled when it was shown that consuming soy is safe, doesn’t contain enough phytoestrogens to affect men or women and the benefits of soy were far greater than the risks.

To date, no Herbalife products containing soy have been shown to cause gynecomastia or drops in testosterone among male consumers. Herbalife reviews demonstrate the satisfaction consumers experience after consuming the products.

National Soy Month Highlights the Benefits of Adding Soy to Your Diet

The month of April is National Soy Month. Its goal is to encourage people to consume more soy in their diet through cooking. It’s easy to find recipes for meals that include soy in different forms as well as soy-based products. Soy is a major component in non-meat products such as milk, vegan burgers, crackers, ice cream, cheese, and more. Creating meals with soy as an ingredient is easy, especially with the vast amount of soy products available.

If you’re not confident in the quality of soy products sold through retailers and chains, try contacting a Herbalife independent distributor to buy Herbalife Nutrition’s quality lineup of soy products. The products are made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you get the fullest benefit from the soy plant.

Herbalife Soy Products Offer Convenient Consumption Options

Getting the nutrition you need, when you need it, is not always easy. Work distractions, daily errands and chores, and the general needs of life tend to make it difficult to do right by yourself. Part of the reason why soy is excellent is the fact it delivers the nutrition your body needs to function right. However, getting enough soy in your diet can be made difficult for all the aforementioned reasons. That’s why soy products come in multiple forms for ease of consumption.

Herbalife Nutrition offers a convenient and easy-to-drink shake called Formula 1. It can be used as a meal replacement for any meal, supplement your workout, or simply help you maintain your nutrition. Don’t want to drink a shake? Personalized Protein Powder combines whey and soy proteins and can be added to foods such as potatoes, stews, soups, and even pancakes. For baked goods, try Protein Baked Goods Mix for a satisfying treat without added sugars.

When you’re on the go with little time to find a meal, Protein Bites from Herbalife deliver a burst of energy with soy protein and other natural ingredients that help reduce hunger without the use of fillers. If you’re avoiding sugars, Roasted Soy Nuts provides the same snacking satisfaction with a savory and salty flavor that helps you make it to your next meal.

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