Here’s a list of the 10 Chromebooks that have just received support for Android Apps and those vulnerable to Meltdown

Acer R13 Chromebook

If you happen to purchase a new Google Chromebook right now, you’ll find support for Android Apps out of the box. This isn’t the same story for those who purchased a Chromebook a few years ago.

In May 2016, Google announced that it will be adding support for Android Apps to its Chromebooks line of products and so far so good. As at the time of this writing, a good number of Google Chromebooks are already capable of handling Android Apps, but the journey is still long.

On the brighter side, Google isn’t giving up on you guys just yet. The company has published a list of Chromebooks that are now compatible with Android Apps. The list has new 10 Chromebooks, including the much-anticipated Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2015). Others on the list include Acer Chromebook 11 and 15 (CB5-571/C910), CTL J5 Convertible Chromebook, Dell Chromebook 13 (7310), eduGear CMT Chromebook, Haier Chromebook 11 C, PCMerge Chromebook PCM-116T-432B, Prowise Chromebook Proline and Viglen Chromebook 360.

Apart from the Dell Chromebook 13, the rest are still in the beta channel, but it shouldn’t be long before they enter the stable channel.

On the same Chromium website, the search giant has also gone public with a list of Google Chromebooks that are vulnerable to Meltdown vulnerability as well as those that aren’t and those that have already been patched. There’s a table with all the details, where a “Yes” or “Not needed” in the column “CVE-2017-5754 mitigations (KPTI) on M63?” means that your Chromebook has been patched or is not vulnerable, hence no need for the patch. If there’s a “No”, you have all the reasons to be concerned and for those whose devices fall under the “EoL” category, which means “End of Life”, don’t expect to receive any software update because the device in question is no longer supported.

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