Pokemon Go Will No Longer Run in Select iPhones and iPads

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go used to be all the rage a couple of months ago when people were roaming the streets trying to find the special creatures.

The augmented reality game has kind of lost its appeal as there weren’t any new things to look forward to every time you login.

The game is about to be retired from select iPhones and iPads as confirmed by the game developer Niantic. In order to cope up with growing trends, the developers are supposed to implement a whole lot of new gameplay features and additional content. It is evident that the player base in the title has significantly come down and even the most hardcore players have already managed to collect all the pokemons with little left to do in the game’s interface.

pokemon go

In their official statement, Niantic has confirmed that the game will no longer work on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C because these phones will not be getting the latest operating system upgrade. The iOS 11 is the newest OS from Apple which will work on most newer devices but the company has to skip the older ones due to hardware restrictions and because of the obvious fact that so many features would easily slow down these old devices such as the iPhone 5C.

Niantic says that players will no longer be able to access their Pokemon Go account, make use of the Pokecoins they have collected so far or use the items available in their bags. In short, players will have to ditch their old devices and upgrade to new ones so that they can experience the game in all its glory. The title has received many recent upgrades so as to get more players onboard.

Pokemon Go Will No Longer Run in Select iPads

The developers at Niantic have been steadily introducing new content including new creatures that players could find in different areas in their city and capture them using the augmented reality capability. Players can also enjoy weather systems that change from time to time, providing an immersive experience like no other.

While Pokemon Go managed to be the most revolutionary app of the time when it got launched in 2016, it couldn’t retain its position at the top as the innovative idea and the nifty feature of being able to play a game in real world locations became repetitive after a point. However, it continues to move on with some minor improvements from time to time and is moving towards to newer devices now ditching iPhone 5 series models and some iPads.

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