Hitman Offers a Lot of Action for Those Who Love Violent Game Play


Developed by Io-Interactive, the entire first season content of the action packed Hitman game was released just recently.

Interestingly, this is the first game from the developer that does not offer any subtitle. The game is available in two formats – either in a disc from retail stores or from online sources.


Hitman narrates the adventures and career of a skilled murderer who sports a cue-ball style haircut. Surprisingly, the assassin does not have a name and throughout the game, he is referred to by his codename 47. However, the developers have not revealed the significance of this number. The game is set to take place in six countries across the world including Morocco and Japan. As you progress playing, you will encounter a fashion show that is happening at a museum located in France and a massive riot outside a Moroccan embassy. You will also see an undisclosed hospital among the Japanese mountains for exclusively the affluent class.

As can be guessed from the name, the key focus is on nine overt hits. Although Hitman relies solely on violence, gamers are egged on to follow a rational approach instead of creating chaos with an outright massacre. To adopt this strategy, players can advised to make a careful analysis of their surroundings and environment, as well as disguise themselves when needed. While they can opt to just fire at their targets, players must always bear in mind that ad hoc assassination of guards and bystanders result in themselves getting penalized and performance rating in each mission getting affected. On the other hand, a rationale approach helps players with various ways of improvising themselves by getting equipped with various types of firearms, remote explosives hidden in rubber ducks and fire arms. The choice of action entirely depends upon the player. For instance, he or she can outright shoot down the evil minded fashion designer at the museum mentioned below or can take a milder step by emptying some rat poison into the martini that the designer will have after the show.

Hitman offers Violent Game Play

Throughout the game, there will be various missions to accomplish. Each mission will include new targets to the levels players have already tried their hands on and also feature some differences from the other missions. Hitman gamers can try to accomplish the targets only once in a game. Also, they are active only for a week. After this time period, they get deactivated and cannot be played. Once the initial missions are accomplished, players can take part in the associated levels once again by collecting various escalations that incorporate new obstructions or restrictions, as well as new assassin contracts.

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