More Details of the Speculated Game Packs for The Sims 4 Revealed in User Survey

The Sims 4 Revealed

The speculated game packs for the Sims 4 are possibly coming because a new user survey revealed by a person named Yoann on a French fan site provided more details of these packs.

Just a day ago, speculations went rife that the developers are working and planning to release four different game packs. The newest update comes from a website named SimCookie. It is a French website where a random user claimed to have taken a Sims 4 survey. According to the report, the small animals pack also known as the Bestioles allows players to add insects, small pets to their collection.

The Sims 4

You will be able to adopt small animals from the pet store including birds, pig and reptiles. With new animal species, it will be possible to teach them new tricks. With huge customization options, it is possible to create custom looks for your creature and make it stand out. The Sim can even build a pet store to sell small animals along with food items and other accessories to develop a business of their own.

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Dream Crafts Game Pack is next in the line that allows you to become an astronaut and land in a new planet. You will be in charge of exploring the planet, find new habitat and help human race evolve. Being a Rockstar is pretty much easy to understand. You compose songs, attend concerts and master your skill in guitar or any other instrument of your choice. The Thief is the most interesting addition in the Sims 4 pack. It’s challenging to pull off risky burglaries and the end goal is to join the international criminal association as a prestigious member.

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Players who love to host their own business should find the Beauty Salon game pack an ideal choice. You will be able to run your own salon, do hair cut, coloring, manicure and even help your visitors get exotic new tattoos. The Summer Holidays pack is all about fun where you can pick a resort to stay, enjoy surfing and spend hours exploring the beach. Pricing is expected to be around $19.99 to $39.99 based on the content provided in each pack.

The Sims 4 Revealed

The surveys are purely meant to let developers Maxis and Electronic Arts know what their Sims 4 gamers are interested in. These game packs may or may not make their way to the final stages. It’s purely speculation with some inputs from users who took the survey but the details sound interesting enough.

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