How Coronavirus Has Reduced Personal Injury Claims

Coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives. One unexpected area that has been severely impacted by the virus is personal injury claims. There are fewer personal injury claims now than there were three months ago.

There is a range of reasons for this, but they widely expect there to be a brand new wave of cases once states start to withdraw their stay-at-home orders.

Here’s how COVID-19 has reduced personal injury claims so far:

Stay-at-Home Orders Forced Non-Essential Workers to Stay at Home

Unemployment has skyrocketed in the US as a result of stay-at-home orders forcing the majority of the workforce to stay home. Unlike in other countries, there are few protections for workers in this situation.

It’s led to 25% of the US workforce being either unemployed or underemployed, and this number is expected to rise. These are only the official numbers, and a range of states still have thousands of unemployment claims they have yet to process.

The results of this mass unemployment could remain an issue for at least the rest of the year, thus keeping claims low.

If workers aren’t working, it’s impossible for work-related personal injuries to occur. Although there are some cases regarding Coronavirus protections involving big companies, these headline-grabbing lawsuits are not going to make up the difference.

Personal injury claims could remain historically low for many months for this reason alone.

Limited Medical Treatment Options

Normally, the way to progress a personal injury case is for the victim to first get medical treatment and receive a medical report as evidence.

With most hospitals overwhelmed and refusing to see non-urgent cases, many of the non-serious accidents experienced have been practically ignored. This has worsened the backlog in potential personal injury cases.

Insurance Companies Haven’t Had Time to Review All Claims

Further along the pipeline, if someone is making a personal injury claim, they need their insurance company to look into their claims.

Insurance companies aren’t considered ‘essential’ and so the majority of their workforce is at home. This means nobody is getting through the growing mountain of injury claims. Those companies allowing their staff to work from home are being productive, but there’s still a major slowdown in the review process.

In Court Proceedings Weren’t Able to Take Place

Due to social distancing measures, in court proceedings were closed down. In many states, it has been almost two months since these proceedings took place. Naturally, DSS Law says, many cases have simply been placed on hold for the foreseeable future.

However, some progress is being made, with New York opening up virtual courts to hear almost 13,000 cases. Similar arrangements are expected to be put in place by other states in the near future.

The Coronavirus Has Reduced Personal Injury Claims

The number of personal injury claims has declined as a result of businesses shutting down and the claims system grinding to a halt.

Although some analysts state that personal injury lawsuits regarding Coronavirus could increase the numbers in the coming months, it’s widely expected that the number of claims will remain at an all-time low for some time.

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