How To Decide Architect Training Is The Best For You

If you want to become an architect then here is something that you need to know first. Those are the bygone talks when architects work with pen and paper.

Now with the changing time, the working mechanism of architects is also changing and becoming evolved to match the pace with time. Now architects use align software for making their work better.

For future architects, it is important to acquire skills and knowledge through the course of SAFe certification which will help in building their careers.


Course Overview

This is a detailed course where you will learn through arrange or support software architecture and acquire the skills through which you can ensure delivery of solutions for the architecture.

In this course, you will get the skills by which you can ensure non-stop value flow and take an in-depth view of how an architect can engage in a lean-agile enterprise.

Also if you are looking for making a career in an IT enterprise then there is nothing like a SAFe for architects certification that will transform you into a valuable asset for any organization.

This course is specially designed for future architects, agile coaches, scrum masters, agile trainers, system architects, solution architects, and consultants.

In this course you will learn about the techniques and skills required to architect DevOps with lean – agile, the role played by architect solution, system & enterprise architects in improving the alignment and collaboration.

Here you will learn aligning architecture and how to drive regular flow to big systems, with solution vision, roadmaps, and solution intent.

You will also learn how to make the best use of the tools by which you can transform into a better software architect. In this course, you will acquire a lot of skills that will help you in your software architecture. They include explaining lean–agile architecture, aligning architecture to the value of the business, getting ready for program increment or PI planning.

With that, you will also learn how to architect for DevOps, develop solution intent, solution vision, and roadmaps, coordinate architecture during PI planning, and assist in new value streams.

The skills that are inculcated in you also include ensuring continuous delivery at the time of PI execution, how to lead a team as an architect at the time of lean-agile transformation, ensure continuous integration, manage trade-offs between risk, cost, functionality, and sustainability.

These skills extend to communication solution context, trains, and intent to agile teams, steering architecture decisions, establishing flexibility to allow emergent technology, supporting risk and issue resolution, and implementing and monitoring quality practices.

Also, you can establish intentional architecture guidelines, participate in the review and problem-solving in PI execution, ensure compliance with portfolio technology strategy, coach lean–agile practitioners, and enable lean–agile transformations.

So this course is loaded with all the knowledge and skills that you need to direct your team in an organization. You can make your team responsive, innovative, and deliver fast architect solutions.


Course Content

Your course starts with the introduction of architect training and you will understand the lean-agile architecture and how to use it in improving collaboration and alignment in the SAFe lean-agile organization.

In your first unit, you will have lean–agile architecture, architecture for DevOps, aligning architecture with the value of the business value, and developing roadmaps, solution vision, and solution intent.

This will prepare a foundation for lean-agile architecture and make you understand the basics of software architecture. As step by step, improvement is very important here you will move forward in a metamorphic manner so that you can understand everything in detail.

In the second unit which is also the last unit of the course, you will learn to support program increment planning as software architecture.

This unit includes preparing architecture for PI planning, coordinating architecture all through the program increment planning, aiding new strategic themes, and ensuring non-stop delivery during program increment planning.

At last, you will learn how to lead a team as an architect at the time of a lean-agile transformation in your company. So you can say this course will prepare you for your certification exam as well as for your future roles and responsibilities so that you can conquer any challenge in the company.

This course will validate your commitment to the continued excellence and quality in the subject which you have studied in this course and display your proficiency in SAFe and in the lean-agile framework.

After this course, you can grow your career in SAFe lean–agile architecture and become a part of the network of industry leaders and agile professors. This course will make your portfolio attractive and will help you in achieving a high payroll job.

In this course you will have two parts, one is theory classes and the second is practical work. In theory classes, you will be given lectures that will clear your basics and make you understand the content. In practical work, you will be given case studies, real-world problems, and mock tests.

Here you will learn by doing experiments on your own under the guidance of mentors who are working in the field for decades and will share their experience, skills, knowledge, expertise, and tips with you.

For making the classes more interactive agile activities, group discussions, team-based exercises, workshops, question and answer sessions are held timely. With that, you will be also provided with webinars, tutorials, e-books, interview questions, and articles.

Here you will acquire all the skills through learn by doing approach, and a feedback assessment report is also given on your assignments so that you can improve. After the completion of the course, you will be well prepared for your future job responsibilities and exam.



As this course is a professional course there are some prerequisites to this course. You must have knowledge of the application of lean-agile principles, and have completed at least one SAFe course so that you can understand this course quickly and effectively.

With that prior experience of program increment or agile release, train will be appreciated as it will help you to grasp the course content in a better manner.

Benefits Of SAFe Architect Certification

Even till now, you are not convinced that this course is perfect for you then this section is only for you. Here we will see some of the advantages that this course offers to you.

The foremost benefit that you will get from this course is that you will be ready to market. Well, here it means that you will be ready for your job and don’t need to complete any other course or anything else.

This course will guarantee your quality of work and highlights your skills in the agile framework that is much demanded in the corporate world.
It will enhance your productivity. Through this course, you can work on increasing your productivity by using new tools and techniques of architecture.

After completing this course you will be an integral part of the agile professionals and architect community which will always offer you tons of opportunities.

Therefore it’s not wise to sit and let this golden chance miss. Grab this offer before it’s too late.

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