Krafton Confirms PUBG New State Will Get Troi Map Graphics Update Next Month

Pubg new state

The developer of PUBG New State recently confirmed the arrival of the first important update for the game this year.

The v0.9.23 update shall mark the addition of new BR: Extreme game mode, brand new weapons and a host of other changes.

In its latest tweet, Krafton confirmed that the changes will be implemented once the update is rolled out in February. According to Krafton, this particular graphics update will be implemented in the Troi map in a bid to minimize eye fatigue. It will also enable players to trace enemies even from a good distance.

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While it has been confirmed that the update will be implemented next month, the gaming publisher hasn’t shared elaborate details about it yet. One expects the developing team to divulge some information in the next week of February. Before the update is launched officially, fans would definitely get a few more updates.

The update, which was rolled out this month, played an important role in enhancing the action and animation movement of players. A new game mode titled BR: Extreme has now been included in the game. This mode gives 64 players, at one time, the opportunity to participate in the match. Gamers get to use a variety of interesting items including a smoke grenade, boost meters, P1911 handgun and 300 Drone Credits.

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PUBG New State will now have a brand new P90 SMG that comprises of Care Packages. This particular weapon comes with a suppressor and a tier-2 transformative scope attached to it. You cannot, however, use other attachments to modify it. 5.7 ammo, available for buying at the Drone Store, can be used for it. As far as weapon enhancements are concerned, the developing team has incorporated flash hiders or suppressors in the game.

As players march forward in the game, they will get the chance to win a bunch of rewards including the three Chicken Medals. These medals will be made accessible to the players in the Weekly Challenge. To earn them, players will be required to complete the missions.

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