How to Get a New Sim Only contract?

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A Sim-only contract pays for your mobile contract deal, including the minutes you call and your internet. It does not, however, factor in your mobile phone expenses. The deal is cheaper than the traditional mobile contract and gives you more flexibility as long as you choose to keep your old mobile phone or purchase another handset separately.

What kind of contracts are there?

These offers are available for monthly pay deals and Pay As You Go (PAYG). With PAYG, you can top up any amount of choice, whereby you are then awarded free data and minutes. A contract agreement means entering into a deal in which you will be expected to pay the required amount within the duration agreed upon. The contract is often short, about 12 months, unlike the 24 months that are common with handsets that feature deals.

You will only need to select a package and wait for your new Sim to get to you. Once it arrives, the next step will be to slot it into your handset, ready for use. If you wish, you could retain your old number by requesting your PAC code. Today, there are many contracts you can find on the market. It means that you can get a deal that suits your needs best quickly. Whether you are looking for a contract that allows you to text and call endlessly or surf the internet freely, there will be a fitting contract. Feel free to use sites such as Overstappen to compare deals.

How different are the Contracts?

Before choosing the best deal for you, find out if your phone is locked or unlocked. In case your phone is locked to a particular network such as Vodafone and wish to switch to a different provider, you could request unlocking services.

Since there are many Sim only deals out there, you could get one for as little as 6 Euros per month. Once your contract comes to an end, find out if there is a better option out there before renewing it. In terms of the length of your contract, there are many flexible options available. The deal could roll from one month to a year. Tying yourself to a 12 months contract could fetch you desirable prices, especially on large data tariffs. However, sticking to a monthly deal is advisable if you wish to handpick a new plan.

It is not worth it to pay a fortune for your mobile phone contract. If you wish to retain your old handset, you may want to consider a Sim-only deal.

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