How to Get More Engagement to Your YouTube Channel?

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YouTube is one of the most famous content platforms in the world. I think we have established that multiple times in the last few articles. However, something that most of us skip, is that being a YouTuber is actually beneficial. At least for those who have popularised their art.

However, most people or content creators on YouTube have to struggle to get the engagement they want. This is why we are going to discuss how to get more engagement on a platform like YouTube. If you are looking to grow your YouTube channel, then today’s article is just for you. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Choose video topics wisely

As a content creator on YouTube, it often gets difficult to keep track of the trend. However, most creators who are successful on the platform never seem to have an end to their ideas. Well, the secret to keeping getting ideas is to have a team. Having a team that is out there scouring the internet for content, that is relevant to your channel is essential in the YouTube business. Not only do you find the topic of your next video but you can keep these ideas stored for videos next month. This is what teams are for.

However, if you are just starting out on YouTube, then instead of reinventing the wheel, you can just go about doing a thorough market analysis. This will help you find the right choice for your video topics. Also, you can keep experimenting until you find the right format. Most people have good ideas, but the format of their YouTube content is not what people like. This is one of the major reasons why videos don’t work on the platform. If you sort this out, then most of the things on YouTube, seem quite easy to handle. 

Ask for comments in your video

The best way to naturally increase your engagement rates is to increase the number of comments that you get on your YouTube videos. People who truly connect with your work are the people who leave a comment. However, the long-term benefit of getting comments on your YouTube videos is that you get more exposure. The first thing that you’re aware of is your flaws and fortes. The next thing comments help is your YouTube algorithm.

The YouTube algorithm is very important for young creators. Since the algorithm decides whether the creators on this platform will receive the engagement or not. This is why asking for comments on your YouTube videos is essential. People are usually dicey on whether to leave a comment on your videos. This is why you need to nudge them over the edge.

Another way of making them leave a comment is by creating compelling content. However, it is not physically possible to maintain the level of quality, which is why asking for engagement is one of the best ways of acquiring it. 

Reply to comments

What people admire in YouTube creators is that they need not necessarily be put on a pedestal. What we mean by that statement is that people see YouTube creators as the same people. This is why when creators step up to prove it to them, engagement starts snowballing in. replying to comments is one of the most skipped tactics in social media marketing. Comments are an act of effort, which is why people want a reaction of effort as well.

Replying to comments takes a lot of time, which is why we recommend at least liking all the comments you like. People are incentivized to engage with your videos more if you participate in their conversations about you. You can skip the haters, and focus on the people who appreciate you. Also, looking at your youtube comments section gives you the necessary criticism. This helps you improve the level of your content and become a better content creator on the platform. 

Utilize community posts

The best part bout YouTube is that you get to create a community. A community helps like-minded people to come together and enjoy a piece of content. However, not a lot of YouTubers are using their community posts to encourage engagement on their channel. This is why we recommend tapping into the potential of YouTube community posts. Utilizing community posts is not that difficult. There are a few major techniques that we recommend employing. These are polls, GIFs, surveys, and texts.

The best part about the community tab feature is the poll. If you want to know what your audience is interested in, then the pole is the best option. The poll feature helps the creators to get perspective on what can potentially work on their channel as content. If you have never tried this before, we highly recommend you do so. Apart from a poll, you can use memes, GIFs, and texts to gauge the interest of your audience on a particular subject. However, this requires a lot of active attention and monitoring, which is usually not possible for many part-time content creators. 

Buy YouTube engagement

Coming to one of the most unpopular opinions about the YouTube engagement regimes – buying YouTube engagement. A lot of people think that buying YouTube engagement, likes and comments are illegal and hence should be refrained from. However, it’s quite the opposite. Every prominent content creator has two ways of growing rapidly on the platform. These entail viral content or bought YouTube engagement.

Buying YouTube engagement helps the content creators to get more social proof and get more organic followership. This is because people who discover newer content creators on YouTube are more likely to subscribe to their channel if they already have a decent number of subscribers. This is primarily dictated by human behavior and hence is seen commonly. This is why if you are looking for the best sites to buy YouTube engagement from then we recommend using socialpros and venium.


There are a lot of YouTube creators who face a lack of constant growth in engagement on the platform. This is what encouraged us to address these problems and also pose the solutions for the same. We’re sure if you use these tactics mentioned above, you’re likely to grow much faster on YouTube, till then, keep scrolling and spreading the word.

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