Why Should Businesses Use Instagram’s Professional Dashboard?


Are you making use of Instagram as a business or brand for marketing purposes? Have you heard about Instagram’s professional dashboard; or are you still making use of a personal account for this?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around today, with over a billion active monthly users and counting, as well as many growth services to buy Instagram followers from such as Growthoid. This photo and video sharing app has recently become a popular place for businesses and brands to start marketing because of the extensive reach they can get, and Instagram has picked up on this.

Instagram has introduced a multitude of new features that cater to businesses and brands and help with their social media marketing. If you want to know why you should be using Instagram’s professional dashboard as a business, here is everything you need to know.

You Can Grow Your Business

As a platform, Instagram says that they are dedicated to helping their creators turn their passion into a business. And this is where the introduction of the professional dashboard came in. This dashboard is said to consist of three main factors; growing your business, tracking your performance, and staying informed.

As a business, this professional dashboard is incredible and can help you in so many ways, especially when it comes to the growth of your business. Growing your business is an actual section of the professional dashboard.

It offers a variety of different tools to its users such as branded content tools and branded content activity. These tools allow you to grow your business more efficiently and effectively and even allow you to check your monetization status as well as your eligibility.

You Will Stay Informed

The next aspect and element of Instagram’s professional dashboard is the ability to stay informed. This is something that is incredibly useful to both creators and businesses as a way to say in the look and keep in the know about what is happening in the platform and what is popular and trending.

Through this element of the dashboard, you will find tips, tricks, guidance, and inspiration about how to curate your content and what will be best for you to be posting at that current point in time.

By having access to this, you will never miss a popular trend ever again and create popular or trending content when it is most worth it for you as a business.

You Can Track Your Performance

Last but certainly not least, this may be the most important element of them all, is that this professional dashboard allows for you to track your performance on the app as a business so you know what to focus on in your attempt to grow the followers you have. When posting to Instagram you may think that you are doing well by the number of followers you have increasing, however, while this is an important element, oftentimes follower count is not the best way to gauge your success on the platform.

Tracking your performance on the app means that you will have easy access to your analytics which will tell you all the information you need to know as a business as to whether you are successful or not. Not only does it show your success but it also shows what areas you need to work on a bit more and what could use more attention and improvement.

Analytics can show you all sorts of things from your follower count, to the type of engagement you are receiving, to even how much engagement you are receiving and so much more. By having this information, you can carefully curate content that directly targets your niche and target audience with ease and much more success.

As a business, if you are not making use of this feature, you are missing out big time and there is a lot more that you would be able to do by having access to it. Not only will you get to know about your performance, but yo9u will also be ahead of the trends by staying informed constantly, and there is even a section that will help your business grow if used correctly. With so many opportunities right at your fingertips, it would be a waste not to make use of this dashboard.

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