How to make money playing your favorite esports games?


Tips and Tricks to Make Money on your Favorite Esports Games

How about earning a living only by playing the best esports games? Well, it’s definitely possible but you need to work a little hard for that. And that’s not all because unless you know the right tricks, you won’t be able to make the most of your gaming skills.

As the esports industry is thriving today, you’ll get plenty of options to choose from the popular esports games out there. And while you pick your favorite video games as a professional player, try these amazing tricks shared below!

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1.    Try Strimming

The most popular way to make money with Esports is live streaming. Yes, it’s possible to stream your video games in real time and get paid for that. You can choose among the biggest streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch as options.

Building your stream audience can be challenging in the beginning. But, with time, it can be easier when you find people taking interest in your gameplay. And the best part is that streaming requires very nominal resources.

2.    Join Tournaments

You can start making money by participating in PvP tournaments and winning dollars. Though winning these tournaments is easier said than done, you can build your skills with practice. Starting a career in esports involves challenges at every step.

If you choose to train yourself for esports tournaments, you need to be consistent. Also, you need to choose reliable and authentic PvP tournaments for realistic results. There are many popular tournaments that you can pick from.

3.    Play-to-Earn

Esports players who follow blockchain know how to earn by trading gaming skins and equipment during gameplay. You can try this to earn real money in return for your gaming skins. You’ll also be able to win some cool objects to accelerate your gameplay.

Nowadays, you will find many gaming websites that are blockchain enabled. You can choose any of such sites to try this play-and-earn opportunity.

4.    Sponsored Games

When it comes to sponsored games, there are plenty of options. What these games do is that they enable you to get some great deals from sports companies and brands alike. If you manage to play really well, these brands may contact you to make an agreement for showcasing their products for a good amount of money.

Reaching the position of a sponsored gamer isn’t easy though. Besides regular practice, you also need to make good contact so that you can reach these brands.

5.    Advertisements

Did you know that you can also earn through esports advertisements? Once you get popular as a veteran gamer among a wide range of aspirants who follow you, it’ll be easier to promote esports websites and companies through paid advertisements.

Advertisement is an innovative way of earning money by playing esports games. You may get an opportunity to travel to esports events and be on the stage to promote brands.

6.    Game Testing

Before a game is launched, it goes through several stages of testing and improvements to analyze its potential and overall performance. So, game testers play a big role in this assessment once games are developed. You can earn a great amount of money by testing games.

Though becoming a game tester is relatively easy, the task can get boring after a certain point in time. To break this monotony, you can choose a diverse niche of esports games out there.

7.    Esports Betting

If you’re a gaming expert who knows the ins and outs of tournaments and esports games, this one can be a perfect choice. Today, it’s quite easy to choose an esports website to bet and win dollars. But, you need to really understand the upsides and downsides before getting started.


So, folks, these are really fantastic tips and tricks to try if you want a prolific career as an esports gamer. You’ll surely be able to achieve great results if you follow these tips and try these tricks as explained. But, consistency is the key to excellence, which you need to keep in mind.

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