How To Plan A Romantic Camping Trip


Want to go camping with your boo but not sure what to do? We have got you covered. A spontaneous camping date can be a fun and memorable bonding experience if you plan it well. Follow these tips to plan a fun date in the outdoors.

Cuddle on a hammock

Camping hammocks are a great alternative to a camping chair for a romantic date. Find one that can accommodate both of you and snuggle up by the fire. They are not only easy to set up but pretty affordable too.

Lodging for two

Keep it cozy and romantic while camping, by taking a few things into consideration when setting up your campsite. Cuddle in a double sleeping bag, and opt for a double seating chair so you can be close to your partner. If you would like some privacy, campsite up near the edge of the woods or the water so you wouldn’t bump into other people. You can also use this cheap 2 man tents.

Spontaneous Coinflip Hike

For a unique hiking experience try flipping a coin and have fate dictate the course of your adventure.  Here is how you do it:

  1. You and your partner should pick one side of the coin
  2. Flip the coin to see which person gets to choose the trail
  3. Throughout the journey flip a coin whenever a decision has to be made

Picnics by the Fire

Romantic dinners by the fire are a must-have in your camping itinerary.  Have an intimate meal outdoors by setting up a picnic mat by the fireside and eating next to it. You can also take it up a notch by using a flashlight or dining in the darkness for an unforgettable meal.

Dancing in the Dark

What is more dreamy than swaying in the dark with the love of your life? Have the perfect movie moment by putting together a playlist and bringing Bluetooth speakers. Hold your partner close as you dance to romantic lyrics (try Perfect by Ed Sheeran) illuminated by the campfire glow – a wonderful end to the night!

Exclusive Alcohol Tasting

Take a trip to a local distillery, brewery, or winery to pick up a couple of bottles and enjoy them during your camping trip. Host a private tasting in the outdoors with your significant other: try mixing simple cocktails, or craft your own drinks — you can even name them after this camping trip!

Shower in the Wilderness

Feeling adventurous? Strip down and take a romantic shower or a bath outdoors with your partner. You can pick up a simple camping shower or you could bathe in a creek, for an intimate experience with nature and each other.

Dip in the Hot Springs

Taking a steamy dip in the hot springs will definitely create an intimate mood. Relax together in a private hot spring near your campsite, a great way to wind down after a long day of exploring.

Play Couples’ Games

Try to play romantic games together, you might not have the time to play them at home so take this as an opportunity to reconnect and have fun with your significant other. Do some research on games for couples or whip out your playing cards or dice and have fun!

Take a hike under the stars

Recommended for experienced hikers who love adventure. Taking a hike at night will heighten your adrenaline levels and engage your different senses. When you explore the terrain in the dark, be sure to hold hands and stay close!

Cooking outdoors with local ingredients

Cook alfresco with traditional camping meals or foods prepared over the campfire by using ingredients that are unique to that location. Spice up your date by making it a cooking competition, challenging your partner to make a meal that incorporates local ingredients — the best chef wins a flirty reward.

Challenge yourself on a ropes course

If you and your partner are unafraid of heights, then this is the activity for you. Find a camping rope course with flying foxes, rope bridges, ladders, and ziplines to feed your inner adrenaline junkie. While this may seem like an activity to do alone, having your partner cheer you on and help you along will make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Movie night outdoors

Set up a cozy movie night by projecting it on a white cloth tied to trees or you can just watch on your laptop. Snuggle up and enjoy a movie in the privacy of your campsite, remember you might not be able to access the internet so remember to download the movie beforehand.

Campsite Ideas

Finding the right campsite can make or break the experience. A secluded and special spot can make the date feel more romantic and cozy. Here are some fantastic campsites that will make your date feel special!

Camping with the horses

Gallop away into your happily ever after when you book your next camping trip by finding a horse camping site near you. Some campgrounds have horses available to rent or you can bring your own horses to the campsite too. This activity is ideal for couples who love animals and want to try something new.

Camp by the Beach

Lounge around in your swimwear in the day and spend the nights watching the gorgeous sunset together. Private beaches are an especially great camping spot, you can take a dip in the sea or run around on the shore all alone and feel like the only couple in the world.

Camping on the water

Take a boat with a bedroom like a yacht or a houseboat or opt to sail back to the shore to sleep. Teamwork makes the dream work when you embark on this adventure together. Communication, preparation, and navigation are vital if you choose to go boat camping, but will definitely be fun for both of you. The best part is you will definitely have lots of private time together when you camp on the boat.


If you and your partner want to strip down and have fun, then naturism camping might be the right fit for you! Try looking for organized campgrounds specially designated for people who camp in a more secluded private campsite. It will be a unique experience for both you and your partner and will definitely be liberating to try this out together!


Camping with your partner is a simple and inexpensive date idea, so don’t feel intimidated. From dining in the dark to private camping, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Enjoy a laid-back couples’ getaway in the great outdoors, you will be sure to make some memories!

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