GTA Online: Rockstar Games Announces Important Updates For The Game

Rockstar games

Rockstar Games has just shared that Grand Theft Auto Online will be receiving a bunch of important updates.

Apart from introducing significant life improvements, the update will also mark the arrival of new content in the game.

Recently, DrDrecollab The Contract DLC released and it played an important role in enhancing the content library of GTA Online. Apart from giving players the opportunity to enjoy some new music by DrDre, the release of this DLC also marked the return of Franklin, a popular GTA 5 protagonist. It also shares important information pertaining to what happened after GTA 5 ended and before the new events took place in GTA Online.

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Rockstar Games, after introducing the GTA Online Heists Challenge, launched an official news bulletin that offered one a glimpse of the plans it had for the future. The post confirms that a plethora of life improvements will be introduced in the game. Rockstar has also stated that some of these changes are the ones that fans had been requesting for since long. Players will now be able to show only a few contacts on the phone. Launching business, sell missions will also be easier now. For the same cost, Shark Cards will now offer more GTA$.

Rockstar shared another important piece of information about GTA Online. The gaming publisher has confirmed that the next GTA Online update will be launched on all systems towards the end of December. Though Rockstar does not wish to divulge anything about the content of the next update, the post states that it will be the “first installment of a massive multi-part update” and shall feature Southern San Andreas and Blaine County. A bunch of new events, vehicles and Contact Missions are expected to be added to the game with the next update.

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