GTA 6 Fans Believe Rockstar Has Teased The Upcoming Game With New Font Styles


As the year comes to an end, GTA fans still await Rockstar Games to share some substantial updates about Grand Theft Auto 6.

While there has been no official update so far, fans have spotted something that, they believe, provides significant detail about GTA 6.

After confirming the development of the game in February this year, Rockstar has not shared any relevant information about the much-awaited game. While there have been multiple leaks and unconfirmed rumors, the gaming publisher has refrained from giving fans any updates about the game.

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The GTA 6 leak, which happened in the month of September, was quite significant. After this leak, fans were hoping for Rockstar to share something from their end but that didn’t happen. 2022, in a lot of ways, was a mixed bag for GTA fans. While the official confirmation about GTA 6 being in the development stage made them happy, Rockstar Games remaining silent about it left them disappointed.

A GTA fan has shared an image on Twitter that serves as a comparison of fonts in the original GTA 3 and GTA Vice City to the games’ remastered versions. The fan had seemingly stumbled upon some interesting information based on this comparison.

In the aforementioned tweet, Twitter user mnm345x stated that the font has been utilized to display the name of a particular location or area players made a visit to in the original Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Francis International Airport’s greeting card uses a font that is quite different from the kind that was used in the Definitive Edition of the two games that were launched in the year 2021.

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This was the kind of detail most players would have missed out on observing. However, mnm345x has managed to notice this and they deserve to be appreciated for it. Having said that, this does not serve as a confirmation of the fact that Rockstar Games will be using this in GTA 6. Just like any other speculation about GTA 6, one needs to take this with a pinch of salt.

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