HTC Preparing a Successor for HTC Desire 530; Codenamed as HTC Desire A17

HTC Desire 530 Successor rumor

HTC are heavily rumored to launch the HTC Bolt in the next couple of days.

The device is set to hit the US markets on November 11 and it will be available exclusively on the Sprint networks. If rumors are to be believed, HTC are planning to launch another phone alongside this smartphone which will sit top of the HTC portfolio. Codenamed as the HTC Desire A17, it is still unclear if this will be an entirely new device are an upgrade over the current generation. Going by the past codenames of HTC phones, it is highly likely that the new device will be the latest generation of the HTC Desire 530.

HTC Preparing Desire A17

The HTC Desire 530 was codenamed as the HTC Desire A16 before it was launched. The A17 seems a natural step up to this model which was released in March 2016. Available initially for $180, the HTC Desire 530 was a mid-range device aimed at offering a balance of performance, economy, and style. It did rather well and it was available on Verizon networks amongst many others. Now, though, it is quite possible that the HTC Desire A17 may be available as a Sprint exclusive only just like the HTC Bolt.

Even though it is almost a year since the HTC Desire 530 hit the markets, the phone still seems to have decent specifications for a device in this price range. It has a 5-inch screen with 720p resolution, which is likely to be upgraded to the 1080p display,with Super LCD technology like many of the HTC phones back then.

HTC Desire 530 Successor rumor

One of the big elements that allowed HTC to price the HTC Desire 530 competitively was the snapdragon 210 processor with a clock speed of 1.1 GHz. Along with the Adreno 304 GPU, it was clear that the HTC Desire 530 was not meant to impress benchmark tests. Instead, it offered a fine balance of performance and battery life. This balance is one of the reasons for the device being able to support Android Marshmallow as of now. There are no plans to upgrade this device to the Android Nougat. However, there is a great possibility that HTC Desire A17 will ship with android 7.0 out of the box.

A key area where an improvement could be made is in the RAM. The HTC Desire 530 offers only 1.5 GB and an update to even 3 GB could be possible on the HTC Desire A17.

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