Nintendo Switch Features and Specifications Revealed

Nintendo Switch Consoles

The Nintendo Switch is all set to join the wide range of Nintendo accessories in early March 2017.

Leaked pictures and details indicate that the gaming console has all that it takes to win the heart of any gamer. The box comes with the console and a whole range of supporting accessories that include the mounting dock, a couple of Joy-Con controllers with their straps, a HDMI cable, an AC adapter and a controller grip. On the flip side, the modestly priced Switch does not include any pre-loaded games. This means that you will have to be prepared to shell out a few bucks more to start using your favorite console.

Nintendo Switch

However, on the hardware front, the Nintendo Switch definitely has some really impressive configuration. The console houses a large 6.2-inch 1280 x 720 LCD screen. This resolution can be boosted to Full HD by merely placing the controller on the dock provided. The enhancement in turn increases the performance. The reasonable storage o 32GB allows players to load a decent number of their favorite games. Barring the Joy-Con controllers, the unit is fairly lightweight and weighs a little lesser than 300 grams. A fully charged console offers close to six hours of uninterrupted gaming with its 4,310 mAh battery. The battery takes nearly three hours to get charged completely.

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Interestingly, the Switch helps you in saving a lot of time by eliminating load times and avoiding pauses when games have to be reloaded at different resolutions. Additionally, the Joy-Con controllers help you break the monotony of a long tiring journey by allowing you to use the console while on the move. These controllers can be slipped on either side of the console and fix it in place using the straps provided. When you are at home, you can remove the controllers and use the device as you would use any Nintendo offering.

Nintendo Switch Features

Compared to a few other consoles in the market that have sluggish controls, the Nintendo Switch has a smooth operating environment. It includes a bevy of square boxes that indicate the games available, as well as options for exploring various features like a photo album, an eShop and the latest news. There is also an already connected controller that keeps you informed about the battery level. Last but not the least; the Home button incorporates a handy quick menu that allows you to turn your console into either Sleep or Airplane mode. Whatever operation you carry out, the Switch has a very fast responsive rate and reacts to your commands in just a few microseconds.

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