iOS 10 now Runs on More than 50% of iPhones in the United Sates – Fastest Adoption Rate Beating the Record of iOS 9

iOS 10

iOS 10 now runs on more than fifty percent of the iPhones in the United States.

In fact, it is the most used OS in the US. The new iOS 10 started to roll out to the compatible phones in September this year.

US and Global Adoption Rate

iOS 10 Adoption

The news about the OS and its popularity came from AppLovin and the Mixpanel, two data tracking companies, which reported that the OS had crossed the fifty percent mark during this week. AppLovin notes that the adoption rate is 55% in the US and the figures for global adoption is also quite close behind at 48%. According to Mixpanel, only 42% of the handsets are now running on the iOS9, as of news on the 1st of October.

Not Surprising

The news regarding the iOS 10 is not at all surprising. Even a few hours after the release of the new OS, millions had already adopted the update and the rate of adoption has not faltered till now. It is only likely to increase with every day and the iOS 9 is sure to be lumped with other older versions. The older versions are run on only 3% of the iPhones currently.

Exclusive Control

The fast rate of adoption is consistent with other releases of the iOS over the years. The iOS 9 was also equally well adopted. This is because the company, Apple has exclusive control over the devices running the OS. This is in contrast to the Android system, which is highly fragmented with many companies having control over the operating system and updates. In case of Android, when Google rolls out a new OS update, the same has to pass through several manufacturers, such as HTC, LG, Samsung, to name a few. These companies must then implement their proprietary skin on the stock Android OS and then start the roll out. All this results in more delay and the process of updating becomes slower.

Comparing iOS 10 to Android

When Google released the Marshmallow update last year, the company saw only a 19% adoption rate even on September 7th. When Nougat was released in August this year, it can be seen that the OS is practically non-existent on any phone in th e world, as no one is running it on their phone.

Excitement Among Fans

iOS 10

iOS fans and iPhone users are very excited about the new iOS 10 and its features. The new update was initially announced in the WWDC this year. If you have not yet adopted the new operating system, you are really missing out on one of the important features. The iOS 10 introduces new applications that are capable of taking advantage of the hardware on the new iPhone 7.

Bugs and Issues

Of course, there are many glitches as well as bugs that are plaguing the new iOS 10 version. However, the company is keen on addressing the issues as soon as it can. For instance, Apple is currently testing the beta build and this will lead to enhancement performance in case of the iPhone 7 Plus.

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