You Are Wrong If You Thought That Foregoing the Mini Jack Is Exclusive to Apple iPhones Alone

Mini Jack iphone

Looks like the number of days for the existence of the mini jack even on the Android devices can be counted on the fingertips now.

And if you thought that the plan of getting rid of the tiny jack was exclusive to Apple alone, then there is another thing coming in to remind that it is not true. The Android world is soon to follow the same steps which have already been taken by the Cupertino-based tech giant.  Lenovo is the first to jump into the fray with its Moto Z model. And looks like the consumers are already hell-bent on changing the mini jack system.

USB Type-C Port

USB Implementers Forum Inc. (USB-IF), which is a non-profit organization and one of the biggest authorities working on USB ports have made a new specification which would probably countermove the mini jack. The USB-IF is the company which had released the Type-C USB port a few years ago.

USB-IF released a press statement mentioning that the USB Audio Device Class 3.0 specification has been conferred with the tag of being the primary solution for using all the digital audio operations which include the mobile devices, headsets, gaming set-ups, virtual reality solutions, and docking stations. The company also said that they are urging the businesses to embrace the new sound systems to improve the quality and to make the USB Type-C port the standard dock for the smartphone audio systems, which will be similar to the iPhone Lightning.

These press statements by USB-IF, when combined with Apple’s decision to give up on the mini jack, make it very apparent that even the Android mobile manufacturers might take this step for their next new devices.

This is not the first time that the use of the USB Type-C port has been imposed over the mini jack. In April 2016, Intel had proposed openly to be using USB Type-C port technology to forego the 3.5 mm mini jack.

Conspicuous Advantages of Using the USB Type-C Port over the Mini Jack

There are some clear advantages of using the USB Type-C port, not only in terms of the audio sound system but also when it comes to data transfer and charging speed. Just this year, even before Apple made announcements about giving up on the mini jack for Lightning, Moto Z from Lenovo had replaced its 3.5 mm mini jack with the USB Type-C port.

This move might seem like an opportunity for businesses to make some more money on accessories and to complicate things for the users. In reality, all the manufacturers of the audio and sound accessories have been quite buoyant by the impromptu decision of Apple in abandoning the mini jack on the newly released iPhone 7.

Mini Jack iphone

In the last few months, the sales of the Bluetooth headsets have skyrocketed so much which indicates that the consumers are all set for a change in the system. Though the change is foreseeable in the near future, the major manufacturers in the market might not welcome the thought of immediately giving up on the 3.5 mm mini jack yet. It is possible for the change to happen in the next few years. Though it might be a sad move to forego the mini jack, the fact is that the connector has been around in the market almost since the 1950’s. So it is high time to change the system and welcome the latest technology. And it will be a very curious wait to see how an Android device might look without a mini jack on it. Hopefully, the wait is all worth it.

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