iPhone 14 Might Use Samsung’s Folded Zoom Technology for its Periscope Camera

iPhone 14

Apply is likely to procure OIS for the iPhone 14 series phones from Jahwa Electronics.

South Korea’s Jahwa Electronics, which is also supplying components to Samsung, is most likely to supply Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) actuators to Apple. The company offers an integrated actuator that combines OIS with auto-focus. The OIS produced by Jahwa Electronics is likely to be used in the telephoto cameras in the iPhones coming next year, according to a report from TheElec.

In recent years, OIS has become a trend in mid-range to high-end smartphones. The technology prevents images from getting blurred and is used to capture stable videos when the subject is moving. It uses a moving lens element and a gyroscope sensor to determine the camera movements and then moving the lens module sideways or up and down to minimize the blurring effect. The actuator is combined with an image sensor and a substrate to finally become a camera module for smartphones. 

Back in late 2019, Jahwa Electronics entered Samsung’s Supply Chain for the smartphone’s camera module business. But in the first half of 2020, the company exited the business due to lower profits. The company then announced that it will focus on its main parts business such as OIS and AF. 

Periscope Camera with Folded Zoom Technology

If the South Korean Firm enters Apple’s supply chain, which is now most likely, then it will be able to able to supply OIS for the 2022 iPhones. This will become a profit source for Jahwa Electronics. The firm has likely gained patent approval from Samsung and Samsung Electro-Mechanics prior to entering Apple’s supply chain.

The patent for folded zoom structure is owned by Israel Core Photonics, which was then acquired by Samsung Electronics in 2019. The potential deal with Apple also means that Cupertino company may well use Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics Folded Zoom technology for the periscope camera in its 2022 iPhone 14 phones.

It was speculated that it would be difficult for Apple to escape the Core Photonics patent. So, considering the long-term cooperation of LG Innotek with Apple, it has been predicted that LG Innotek receives actuators and other parts from Samsung Electro-Mechanics for the folded zoom to supply to Apple. This way, there will be no patent issue and supply chain changes will be minimized.

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