iPhone 8, Apple AirPods and New MacBook Pro 2017 Issues – Taking a Peek into the Apple World

Apple iPhone 8

Here’s a peek into the Apple World, with rumors on the iPhone 8, the new Apple AirPods, the Mac and the MacBook Pro 2017 issues.

News from Cupertino

To sum up the news from Cupertino, it seems that the iPhone 8 is in for curved screen design. There are some battery problems with the new iPhone 7 devices along with the MacBook Pro 2017 devices. In another news, Apple seems to be putting the Mac on the back burner. Here’s what’s been happening in the Apple world in the last few days.

Apple iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Curved

The upcoming iPhone 8 will be offered in a layered fashion, with only the top layer using the OLED display technology. It will have an edgeless display, with Apple ordering fully plastic OLEDs from the Samsung Display. Samsung can only offer around 100 million of these displays, so it proves that only the high-end iPhone 8 will come with the OLED display.

Battery Problems on iPhones

iPhone devices were reported to be shutting down automatically and Apple has recently offered an update for the iOS. However, the update has not solved the problem and it could even have brought in the issue to older devices. The bug can affect any iPhone that is iOS 10 compatible, except the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. When the battery comes down to 30%, it causes the phone to shut down. Initially, Apple accepted that the problem was only isolated to some iPhone 6S models. Normally, users go back to earlier versions of the software, but this is not possible as Apple has closed off this route and users cannot install earlier versions any more.

MacBook Pro 2017

Consumer Report has not recommend the new MacBook Pro laptops of 2017 to users. One problem is the battery and the other is that Apple has failed to offer feedback on the battery problems, beyond suggesting that users access Genius Bar. According to Consumer Reports, the MacBook Pro devices of 2017 do not meet standards for recommendingthe model.

AirPods Controversial

Apple AirPods, the first wireless earbuds set from Apple are a boon for the users of the new iPhones without headphone jacks. The design is being considered odd, looking like someone has cut the cord and left only the buds. They also appear odd protruding from the users’ ears. Some users could also have an issue with the device falling out of their ears with a slight shake of the head. In addition, the sound quality is not too good considering the price tag of $179.

Apple AirPods

Mac on Back Burner

Apple’s traditional personal computers are not getting much love from the company, either by the software teams or the designing teams. The entire lineup of Macs only got one solid update in 2016 and that was a controversial one. Mac does not seem to be a priority for Apple anymore. There are technical problems and several important members of the team have also left it, slowing down things as a result.

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