It’s Official: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Project Will Be A Trilogy

Final Fantasy

Seven years back, Square Enix confirmed that it had decided to remake and present Final Fantasy 7 in a new avatar.

The gaming publisher also made it clear it won’t be a straightforward remake. While remaking the game, Square Enix had made a conscious decision to work further on developing side characters and make efforts towards creating a fresh story so that fans of the franchise can experience something new. This resulted in the first game in the remake series being focused on Midgar. Fans had to wait for the story to unfold properly in the next games in the franchise.

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During a special live stream event, Square Enix made an official announcement about its plans to launch Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. For the uninitiated, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth happens to be the second game in the remake project. The game is scheduled to release in the winter of this year in the form of an exclusive game on PlayStation.

During this live stream, fans were offered a small glimpse of what they could expect from the game. They were shown a clip that featured Cloud, one of the prominent protagonists from Cloud, walking with Sephiroth. This gave fans hope that the sequel will feature a bunch of big events that one has not witnessed in the game’s universe so far.

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One was not sure how many games will be a part of this remake project undertaken by Square Enix. Several factors, including the different aspects required to be fleshed out, must have been considered by the publisher while deciding the number of games in this project. Now, it has been finally declared that the Final Fantasy Remake 7 project has been designed as a trilogy.

Along with Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth,there will be an untitled game that will be a part of the trilogy. At the moment, there is no clarity on what this third game could be. However, recent reports indicate that Square Enix has started the development process of this particular game.

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