Final Fantasy 16 Trailer Might Release In Early June

Final Fantasy 16

There has been a lot of speculation about the release date of the much-awaited Final Fantasy 16.

A large number of industry experts are of the opinion that the game won’t see a release before 2023. Though the speculated release window is several months away, fans can still expect to see a glimpse of the game this year.

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Ever since Final Fantasy 16 was revealed officially, there has been a lot of excitement around it. The publishers have been developing the game quietly without offering any information to the fans or the media. However, to the delight of Final Fantasy fans, producer Yoshi-P recently stated that the game is in the last stage of its development process and its trailer is ready to be released. He confirmed that fans will be able to watch the trailer “soon”.

Now, the word “soon” can be interpreted differently by different people. What is “soon” for the producer could be “too late” for fans. There have been strong rumors about a PlayStation State of Play event being scheduled for the month of June. Since Final Fantasy 16 is supposed to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive game, there is a good chance of Sony showcasing its trailer during this event.

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The PlayStation State of Play will be a very big event with many things planned to be unveiled or showcased during its duration. Though there is no confirmation from the team, one shouldn’t be surprised to see the FF16 trailer being played during the event. Since it is a highly anticipated game, this particular event would serve as a very good platform to show the first glimpse of it to the world.

Since producer Yoshi-P stated that the trailer will be released “soon”, one has a good reason to believe that the trailer would, indeed, be released sometime during the PlayStation State of Play event.

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