Jaguar E-Pace SUV Launched with a New World Record Flip, Baby F-Pace Set for 2018

Jaguar E-Pace SUV new world record

The wait to have the best Jaguar SUV has been long, really long that buyers almost lost their hope but the automobile brand had surprised them with multiple launches.

The E-Pace SUV was launched today in a style that wowed the entire world because they also set a new world record with it.

Jaguar E-Pace SUV

The big SUV F-Pace was launched one year ago and the next in the lineup is the Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV concept. Even though, it is yet to enter production phase, the concept was very promising and allowed visitors at the Los Angeles auto show to get a good idea of the type of car to expect. The I-Pace will be available in showrooms in the first half of 2018. A surprise entry is the Jaguar E-Pace SUV which has been launched in style at a high profile event. The car is priced at £28,500 in the United Kingdom.

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For the first time in history, the newly launched car ushers in a lot of unique new changes including the fact that it is being produced at a plant located in Grant, Austria. Jaguar follows a tradition of manufacturing their vehicles in the country they are sold and it is usually carried out in UK but this time a new location has been chosen for undisclosed reasons. The car features a front wheel drive setup which is another first time since the time of the X-Type.

Jaguar E-Pace SUV rolling record

The designers have ensured that the overall design of the vehicle is unique yet familiar so that people relate it with the baby version of the F-Pace. They are going for a completely innovative design language and within the team, it is known as the cub. The team seems to have taken this claim seriously because you can actually spot a graphic image of a large Jaguar being followed by its small cub on the windscreen. “We wanted everyone to know that this is related to the original F-Pace in many ways and it is not a bad thing afterall,” comments lead designer Ian Callum.

In the front fascia, the newly launched E-Pace SUV sports a bold, large grille giving it a boxy look combined with a row of LED front lights. The designer added that they were aiming to achieve a more practical finish for the new SUV rather than make it sporty which might alienate a lot of buyers. Callum says the team has achieved the right balance between performance and usability. The overall size of the newly launched Jaguar E-Pace is 4.4 meters long bringing it on par with the Audi Q3 model.

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