Geofencing Will Allow Audi A8 Autonomous Cars to Identify and Obey Traffic Laws

Audi A8 Autonomous Car

The quest to create the best self-driving car continues and this time it is being said that the Audi A8 will be equipped with geofencing.

The feature will allow the car to activate or deactivate its autonomous features in order to comply with traffic laws.

The government bodies are not sure about allowing a machine to make decisions on the road as it could lead to legal issues. While a driver is going to be behind the steering wheel for at least another 10 years or so, the autonomous technologies are slowly kicking in. The fourth generation Audi A8 is aiming to introduce Level 3 autonomous which will be made possible with the help of at least a dozen sensors, front mounted laser scanner and the internet which will continue to gather data from various sources to identify the lane in which the car should be driven.

Audi A8 level 3 autonomous car

Audi has already implemented a feature called Traffic Jam Pilot which will allow the driver to listen to a song or do office work while on the move. The technology will take control of the speed and can drive the car autonomously up to a speed limit of 37 miles per hour. It gives a driver the much needed break while they are on their way to office and like to catch up on a movie or simply relax. The future when they can actually sleep in the backseat as the car takes them to their destination is fast approach as automobile manufacturers are trying hard to bring it to Level 5 autonomous.

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The big problem at the moment is not technology but government rules and regulations that change from one location to another. For example, Europe has different rules and geolocation will help the driver switch off automatic technology so as to not break the law unknowingly. Level 3 autonomous which is legal in one state may become illegal as soon as you enter a new state which is what Audi aims to fix with the new A8 model.

Audi A8 geofencing

“We are always working to identify what the driver and passengers actually need rather than imposing generic features. Our idea is to make the Audi A8 work and offer the best of Traffic Jam Pilot as well as the Level 3 autonomous technology. But, in some countries they may be banned. The 10-second rule to bring your hands back to the steering wheel will be implemented as it is too early to allow a person to not notice the road for too long,” said Dietmar Voggenreiter.

The marketing head added that they are still working on a lot of law related stuff before they could consider selling fully autonomous cars to countries around the globe.

Image Credits : Audimediacenter, CNET, Motortrend.

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