Japan Believes Xbox One S is UHD Bluray Player, Not a Console

Japan Xbox One S UHD Bluray

The situation in Japan is very different compared to that of the USA because apparently Microsoft’s celebrated Xbox One S console is just a ultraHD bluray player in the country.

There was a time when Sony’s Playstation 3 was sold as the cheapest bluray player on which you could play games as well. The company didn’t feel any shame in promoting it as one such because not so surprisingly all the bluray drives were manufactured by Sony as well. The company wanted to keep it as the maximum possible rates so that people would buy their game console.

Easily, the cheapest and low-down trick one could follow to make people buy the device. It’s more of a cheap tactic that worked very well for so many years. Sony had the exclusive rights to the bluray technology and made some of the best-looking televisions in the past, they made a huge profit out of it. However, Microsoft is not doing any such strategy but rather the distributors who purchased the Xbox One S console in Japan are doing it to move as many units as possible.

Japan Believes Xbox One S

The pricing system is quite different in the country, it seems so! The Xbox One S console is the cheapest and the best UHD bluray player anyone could buy at this point. The retailers started marketing it as a player that could play all your amazing movies and can also play games. Obviously, they pushed it to the back end because Japan is still dominated by Nintendo 3DS console and Sony’s Playstation where the Western styled Xbox games may not look so appealing.

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Users have already posted a couple of pictures showcasing their newly purchased ‘bluray player’ on Twitter. One guy purchased the Xbox One S to solely watch animes while another guy purchased the cheapest player available in the market to enjoy movies in UHD resolution. Both didn’t specify whether they played any games on this device even though they have got the Minecraft edition.

Japan Believes Xbox One S is UHD Bluray

The retailer confirmed that they have managed to sell 65 units so far which is more than enough in a country where they find it next to impossible to push Xbox One S consoles. Besides, it still is the cheapest UHD player which is being highlighted as the unique sales point for the system. It’s a movie player that can play games too, so obviously why not pick one if you are in Japan?

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