It’s Official! Facebook is Testing Colored Text Backgrounds

Facebook is Testing Colored Text Backgrounds

The news comes as a shock for most who hate when tech companies introduce features no one asked for.

But, Facebook Messenger and the team behind it strongly believes that the teens who love using the app to message want more colors.

After making RGB the default requirement on all PC components, the colored counterparts are now finding their way into apps. Recently, Facebook rolled out text messages with colored backgrounds that was used by millions of users who wanted to express their thoughts. While the company is always at the forefront when it comes to engaging their users with new ideas, the latest one seems very awkward and many be detested by a lot of professional users.


Messenger used to be part of the Facebook website and app. The team opined it required a separate site and a standalone app much to the dismay of many that they finally rolled it out. Similarly, users will soon be able to create bright colored backgrounds for all their text messages. A popular geek who is known for leaking stuff before the official announcement, made it public on his Twitter channel.

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Brace Yourself for Bright Colors

Before you check out the official image that shows the list of colors available, it’s good to take a deep breath and brace yourself because they are sure to stress out your eyes. The colored choices include bright violet, green, red and majority of them are hues that merge multiple shades of the same color into a single color palette.

The Facebook Messenger is marred by tons of bloatware as the developers continue to experiment one thing after another on the app which is becoming crazy than ever. The colored backgrounds would further creepify the situation as the messenger would become terrible to read, unless you both love colors and wouldn’t mind making conversations using those bright color choices the team offers.

Facebook Colored Text Backgrounds

Not on Desktops, Yet!

Based on the screenshots released so far, Facebook is testing the feature only on mobile phones and there isn’t any word if this would make its way to desktop version anytime soon. If these colors are limited to smartphones, it would be a welcome relief for most users as they would prefer to have plain text on their PCs.

At first, it was the circular materialistic design change which users couldn’t put up with easily and now colored text backgrounds are on their way. Once beta testing ends, it will be rolled out as an app update for iOS and Android devices.

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