June Security Update for HTC 10 – Sprint Enhances Camera and Bumps Security

Sprint HTC 10

The latest June update for Sprint HTC 10 devices have started rolling out to all the devices on the network. Those who possess a HTC 10 phone are surely proud owners of one of the top devices of 2016.

They will also be obtaining a new update for the phone software, introducing several fixes related to security along with camera updates. The update is coming along only for Sprint models of the phone at present.

Enhancing User Experience

Google, along with several other manufacturers, regularly send updates for Android phones and other devices. These updates contain the latest security fixes for the Android platform. The latest update for June had first started moving towards unlocked, HTC 10 devices and then to devices of various networks, such as Verizon and Sprint and several others. The security update does not concern security features alone, but also brings in fixes for bugs and enhances the user’s experience on an overall level.

June Security Update

The change log brings in some interesting improvements along with fixing several bugs and also includes the security patch for Android. The latest version offered is 1.80.651.1. It also includes security updates for May and June AOSP. The RUU weighing a sizeable 1.8 GB is also available and can be manually flashed.

HTC 10

A Twenty Four Hour Roll Out

The update was rolled out from the 21st of June and Sprint states that the roll out will be completed within a matter of twenty-four hours. So, all users of HTC 10 on Sprint network can hope to get the notification on their phones, in case it has not happened already. According to Sprint, the rollout starts and ends on the same day, so it makes it one of the rare OTA update, which all users can access immediately.

The update is very similar to the one offered by Verizon for HTC 10 earlier last month. However, the versions are not matching, so there might be some differences in tweaks made to the security patch.

Camera Tuning

Mo Versi of HTC 10 did not go into the details regarding the camera update for the phone, but referred to it as tuning of the camera. However, it seems likely that this tuning means the same enhancements and improvements made to the camera that we have seen on the other HTC 10 versions.

The update is quite heavy so it is recommended to users that they must have at least 50% of the battery life on their devices. The phone must also be connected to a strong, local Wi Fi, prior to attempting the download.

The Usual Drill

User of HTC 10 on Sprint’s network can follow the usual drill. They can check out the Settings on their devices and initiate the download of the new update manually, in case they have not received the notification as yet. There is also another option offered by HTC, whereby they can opt for a PC download using the Sync Manager, for those who don’t have Wi Fi and who wish to avoid a data overage.

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