LG Electronics Dismisses Top Leadership as it Looks to Save its Mobile Division

LG Electronics

LG Electronics impressed millions of people across the globe with the release of the LG G2 and Optimus G smartphones a few years ago. However, the company’s share in the mobile market has been dropping drastically in the recent years.

The Android world is full of tough competition, especially now that the likes of Samsung have drifted away from plastic bodies to premium glass and metal designs. The downfall of the company’s mobile division probably begun with the release of the plastic-bodied LG G4. This device was released last year, but it did not give the South Korean company the returns it expected. As a result, the tech giant turned to a much better LG V10, a device that proved to be a success for the company.

This year, LG Electronics took a different route, dropping the plastic material design for the first time on its flagship by bringing an LG G5 smartphone that also features a modular design. While LG thought adding some flair to its device will make it unique and more appealing to the public, this seems not to be the case as things are only but getting worse for the company.

LG Electronics

With the current leadership seemingly unable to turn around things for the company for the past two or so years, LG Electronics has decided to make some needed changes to its mobile division. According to the Korea Times, a new Program Management Office (PMO) has been created within its mobile division. The task of this PMO is to try taking care of the situation at hand. The report further details out that the process involved the replacement of some executives.

Apparently, the decisions taken by LG Electronics stem from the fact that the new LG G5 did not generate the desired sales. With the growing number of premium handsets that are sold at very competitive prices, LG is adamant that it needs serious changes in order to be able to take up the challenge at hand. At the time of this writing, a Gartner report ranks LG at position #7 as far as global smartphone sales are concerned, way behind the domestic rival Samsung, which tops the list ahead of Apple and Huawei.

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