Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Confirms Cutting-edge Technology

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung recently showed the world how arrogant it can get when it wants its way to take course but this hasn’t derailed its efforts to make the Galaxy S8 the best handset in 2017.

Just recently, the South Korean tech giant issued a statement confirming that it will be rolling out an update that will kill the Galaxy Note 7 for good. This move has rekindled the Note 7 discussions on various platforms yet many were happy to have forgotten all about it and actually eager to meet the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8. Even though killing the Galaxy Note 7 will be hard to swallow for many who still use the device without any issues, the idea of carrying over some of the best technologies used on the phablet to the next-gen flagship will be a welcome for many as well.

Recent rumors have shown that Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a lot of new technologies as far as the screen is concerned. Talk of the all-screen design, a missing physical home button, and no physical fingerprint scanner and so on. In the latter case, Samsung is expected to debut a new technique for fingerprint scanning and with it, the Galaxy S8 could end up becoming thinner than any Samsung phone.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S8 will adopt the Note 7’s Y-OCTA display technology. With this technique, Samsung will place touch sensors in the display panel itself rather than have them layered between the protective glass and the display panel. The end result for this would not just be a thinner device, but also reduced cost on the screen production.

Having such a thin device that is coupled with the removal of the iconic physical home button and an optical fingerprint scanner will for sure make Samsung Galaxy S8 one of the most advanced phones on the planet come 2017, especially since this will mean a whole new design is introduced to the world.

Galaxy S8

It will not be the first time that Samsung has introduced new technology on its Galaxy Note series and continued with it on the Galaxy S series the following year. It has happened before, but it could be even harder for Samsung since there is little to rely on with respect to feedback, especially since the Note 7 is no more.

At such a time, what Samsung needs is to try and keep everyone glued to the upcoming Galaxy S8 and not remind them of how disappointing the Galaxy Note 7 was. Introducing amazing features from the phablet such as the said Y-OCTA display as well as reducing the bezels in order to increase the display size while keeping the same physical dimensions are what the company needs to focus on.

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