Volkswagen Signs Up with Hubject to Power Future Electric Cars

Volkswagen Electric Cars

Bringing electric cars into the mainstream market has some practical hurdles which Volkswagen group might overcome with their new partnership with Hubject eRoaming platform.

The lineup of electric vehicles is rapidly expanding and Volkswagen has a strong contribution to make in this sector. The company’s diesel fiasco is long gone and EVs are supposed to bring the brand back to its former glory. In order to make it possible by 2020, the auto brand already announced a couple of cars scheduled to be launched in 2018. Meanwhile, their new partnership with the eRoaming Platform Hubject will allow EV owners to charge at multiple points.

Volkswagen Electric Cars

With over 40,000 charging points spread across three different continents, Hubject is the largest electric charging station provider at the moment. Volkswagen, by becoming a shareholder in the company has strengthened its position and support for ushering in electric cars in the near future. With such massive coverage, buyers can go for battery powered cars without having to think twice. Besides, VW’s future cars can easily go up to 250 miles on a single charge which when backed by Hubject program makes it a viable alternative for the average buyer.

“Our investment in Hubject is our way to letting everyone know that we fully support digital transformation and the era of e-mobility is very close. Creating sustainable mobility is what the future needs and we are working towards it,” commented Thomas Sedran, head of Volkswagen AG.

Hubject is a eRoaming platform created by some of the top brands including BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Siemens and other companies in order to make universal charging as well as payments easier. Volkswagen group has planned to launch at least 30 new electric cars by 2025 and this new partnership will allow them to bring those cars to the respective continents without compromising on customer experience.

“Charging infrastructure should be top notch if we are to convince buyers to go for electric cars. An equally easy to use payment system is also required. We have seven strong shareholders now and it further strengthens the goal Hubject is working to achieve,” said Thomas Daiber, CEO of Hubject.

Volkswagen Signs Up with Hubject

With new shareholders and investors from different continents, it makes it easier for the eRoaming platform to grow. It is the key to making electric vehicles mainstream and at this pace, there is a high possibility that EVs could become the most preferred choice of mobility by 2020 leading to further development in the automobile sector, possibly autonomous driving technology.

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