LEGO Atari Set Details Get Leaked


For a while now, LEGO has been churning out a variety of video game-based sets.

The partnership LEGO has with Nintendo, has resulted in an exciting NES console and a bunch of interactive Super Mario Bros. sets. While it played safe with some of the sets, the new Horizon Forbidden West and Sonic the Hedgehog sets indicate that it is willing to try out new things. The new set, which symbolizes the 50thanniversary celebrations of Atari, has just been leaked. This particular set has been designed for the classic Atari 2600 console.

This particular leak has been brought to the fore by, a German Lego website. LEGO fans, who had been wanting to track the announcement and release of the set, can do it by using the Atari 2600 set number 10306. Alternatively, they can use the full name of the set to get this information.

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Apart from the Atari 2600 console, players will get a CX40 console that they would have to assemble. The Atari 2600 console comes with an innovatively designed controller comprising a mechanical element that connects it to the console.

The term ‘playable’ has quite an interesting connotation. LEGO fans would have memories of the Nintendo Entertainment System LEGO set that came with a LEGO television and a game that one could play on it. As per the leak, the Atari 2600 set will not come armed with a television. It will, however, feature a hinge element that would offer a glimpse of a scene from Pitfall. In this particular scene, players will witness Harry, the protagonist of Pitfall, moving across a pit that serves as a home for many crocodiles.

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The set, in a nutshell, features elements from both the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block and NES console LEGO set. LEGO has been consistently trying to offer high-quality gaming experiences to fans. The way it has designed the Atari 2600 set seems to be a good step in that direction. The set is scheduled to be launched in August this year. The initial release will be quite limited and next year is when one expects this set to be available worldwide.

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