Grand Theft Auto 6 Box Art Revealed; Fans Are Not Sure It’s Genuine


Twitch seems to have put together a brand new category for Grand Theft Auto 6 and it boasts of its own box art.

As soon as some fans spotted this box art, they were quite excited and started discussing about it on different forums.

Any news concerning GTA 6 spreads like wildfire. However, once the euphoria settles down and some fans start looking at it objectively, how authentic the information really is. As you inspect this box art minutely, you realize it, most likely, is one of the fan arts created for the upcoming game.

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DarkViperAU, who has a verified Twitter account to his credit, recently tweeted that GTA 6’s cover art has been revealed on Twitch and one can view it in a new category titled ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’. Since the cover art doesn’t seem to be genuine, one assumes his tweets were tinged in humor.

An observant fan stated that the cover art has a stock image featuring palm trees that have been edited with the help of a pinkish trailer. It has also been brought to light that the cover art for Twitch’s video games has been sourced out from IGDB or the Internet Game Database. Though Twitch is the rightful owner of IGDB, one must remember that it is a public domain that gives access to anybody to alter the information present on it. Because of this reason, one can’t help but question the credibility of the cover art further.

This particular cover art has been seen by many players as it has been on the internet for a very long time now. It is one of the many reports about GTA 6 that makes one realize that one must make some good efforts towards checking the authenticity of a news piece before believing in it.

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