Microsoft Surface Phone to Feature 3 Variants – Here’re the Specs and Features

Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft has been rumored to be planning a major surprise for smartphone lovers who also enjoy the company’s Surface laptop and tablet lineup by introducing a new Surface Phone.

While many were expecting the company to unveil a new Lumia smartphone, it seems this will not be the case. However, the rumors pointing towards a release of this phone have begun cooling down following the emergence of some reports with claims that Microsoft will not avail the phone this year. Still, it will be weird for the Windows OS maker to finish the rest of the year without unveiling a phone that runs on its much hyped Windows 10 Mobile.

According to a new rumor that has just surfaced, it seems the company might just stick to a 2016 release date for the Surface Phone after all. To make the deal even sweeter or rather make the device available to a variety of buyers, it is speculated that the phone will come in three variants. As of now, this is just a rumor and it cannot be justified in any way. However, it would be an interesting move by Microsoft since almost every other smartphone manufacturer is doing so, and it seems to be working out perfectly.

Samsung has done it with its Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Galaxy C, Galaxy J and Galaxy Note series. Sony has been doing it with Xperia Z series and it is still doing the same with the Xperia X series. Apple joined the camp in 2014 with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and kept on with the practice the following year. Xiaomi did the same with the Mi5 and Mi5 Pro and Lenovo followed suit with the Moto G4 variants – and so on. So, why not Microsoft?

With most of the listed names differentiating their devices with specs, screen sizes, and features, it is still unknown how Microsoft would go about it. However, be ready to pay at least $700 for the base model, a price that could easily rise to $1200 for the high-end variant. But when looking at the specs, it is possible to say the Surface Phone will be worth the price tag.

Microsoft Surface Phone 2016

Apparently, the flagship will include a massive 20MP rear-facing camera by Carl Zeiss – the same one featured on the Lumia 950. But under the hood, the phone will reportedly carry a faster and even better Qualcomm-made Snapdragon 830 SoC. This will power a 5.7-inch QHD display screen with 2K resolution, but it will possibly have the easiest of time thanks to the massive RAM of 8GB rumored to be coming with the Surface Phone. It gets even better as other reports suggest that Microsoft will pack a massive 512GB of ROM on the phone, beating the expected 256GB for the upcoming ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Phone to Feature 3 Variants – Here’re the Specs and Features”

  1. Given the problems with the release of the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and Lumia 950/950XL, an April 2017 rollout might not be such a bad idea as long as Microsoft uses the time to work out as many bugs as possible. If these devices faceplant out of the starting gate, Microsoft will have even bigger problems to deal with.

    Also, Microsoft needs to throttle back the love affair with at&t in the US and start rolling out phones that are compatible with CDMA based providers such as Verizon Wireless and Sprint. The 4 latest Lumia phones were released as GSM only variants, thus they are of no use to customers of those providers. Sidestepping the largest cellular service provider in the US is no way to grow the adoption rate of a product/OS.

  2. No matter what & how impressive the specs & hardware are, to make a smartphone you must provide a lots of app in the store, I mean to say that Microsoft needs more developers to build great apps which we really need & even those which we only need for time pass. Still now, there are very few apps that runs nicely in windows store & the developers of windows store never fives any reply to our issues. If someone wants to waste their money for a smartphones that can only good for phone call, sms & camera then its your choice. At least I am never gonna buy another windows phone in my life.

  3. you can’t except people’s to buy a phone with very very few apps. Microsoft should stop making windows phone and start using Android os with their own skin, then people’s might think of buying it

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