Lenovo K11 (XT2053-2) Gets Yet Another Certification Ahead of Release

Lenovo K11

Lenovo K11 smartphone has been in the news since mid-2019. The phone has already received approvals from several countries so far.

To everyone’s surprise, Lenovo has been holding it back without launching it in the market for reasons best known only to the company. Today, Thailand’s telecommunication certification website NBTC has approved the phone and has confirmed the model number and the moniker of the phone as XT2053-2 and Lenovo K11 respectively.

Lenovo K11 leaks

Back in July 2019, the phone appeared on the database of Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended devices list with full specs and even images of the phone. The same phone also appeared on Bluetooth SIG website, Indonesia’s TKDN website and in Geekbench too. However, it’s worth noting that the phone had appeared in all the above mentioned sites with model number as Lenovo L38083.

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Since late 2019, the company has probably decided to stop using the ‘L’ series in their model numbers and it has been assigning model numbers in the ‘XT’ series, which had till date been reserved only for Motorola branding.

Lenovo K11 Specs

Lenovo K10 was the first phone that was released with XT2025-3 as the model number. But K10 Note and K10 Plus were released with model numbers Lenovo L38111 and L39051 respectively. Similarly, Lenovo L38083, which was spotted in Android Enterprise website with the moniker Lenovo K11 has either one more possible variant XT2053-2 or the model number could have been changed by the company.

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Lenovo K11 is another entry-level phone from the company. It is expected to arrive in two color variants namely Blue and Black. The specifications of this phone are as follows – 6.2 inch display with a notch at the center, 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. The phone will be running on Android 9 Pie as the OS as seen on Geekbench and Wi-Fi Alliance website.

Let’s hope the company finally releases the phone in Q1 2020 as it has already appeared in Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC websites in the last few weeks.

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