LG G5 SE International Model (H840) Gets Official TWRP Build Release


Team Win has released the official version of TWRP for the LG G5 SE International model with detailed instructions on how the open source code should be downloaded and installed on the device.

TWRP is the support the developers need to custom modify their smartphone devices and then work on any development activity on their own.

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You Will Need Complete Knowledge to Handle This

If you went through the page on the TWRP website, you will realize that the processes outlined there may not be easily understood and followed by people who have little to no knowledge about the process. Possibly, this is one reason the very first line says if your phone gets damaged during the process, Team Win can’t be held responsible.

Different LG devices may have different configurations and depending on that the download and installation of the TWRP has to be done. These are given in a step-by-step procedure and if you follow these correctly, you must be able to get it right and proper. Bootloaders, if provided in your LG device, will necessitate some extra steps, the instructions say.

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You can download the official app from TWRP from the Play Store. This process is not very complicated. Once you download and it installs, you open the app and as usual, you need to tick the box which says you accept all the terms and conditions and you will be inside the app. The app will present you with a list of devices from which you select your device. LG G5 will be reflected there with the codename ‘H840’. You will need to make the choice of the version as well. The file will then be downloaded and saved in the downloads folder of your LG G5 phone.

These and other important instructions are available on the page. There’s a FAQ section on the TWRP site that will guide you on other factors about TWRP.

LG Withdraws Support to LG G5?

According to the update found in the official LG security update page, LG G5 is one of two phones that the Korean firm will stop lending support to from now on. This means the security updates and other update patches will not be made available for this device any longer. This may as a huge disappointment to the thousands of users of this device. Some experts feel the phone, when launched, promised a lot but delivered much less than that. The other phone that is being removed from the list for future support is the LG V20.

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