LG G6 to adopt new ‘Heat Pipes’ tech, tougher tests to reduce overheating and improve battery safety


LG Electronics is not taking anything lightly especially after what happened to its archrival, Samsung, with respect to the upcoming LG G6 flagship.

The phone should be one of the few high-end Android devices we expect to be debuted at the upcoming MWC 2017 event in Spain. Just recently, the company uploaded a video on its official YouTube channel, asking random people what they’d want to see in an ideal smartphone. As it is, all that has been mentioned in this video will be on show when the LG G6 is unveiled next month on February 27.

The tech giant even summarized a list of features that the LG G6 will be coming in with, naming a bigger screen, smaller body, waterproof, and a better camera, among others. In essence, the tech giant is ready to cram all the latest technology in a device that will remain small enough to be held in one hand. This is exactly what Samsung did with the Galaxy Note 7, cramming too much power in a body that couldn’t handle it, hence the blowing up. While this is just a conclusion made by an independent party, LG says that it’s taking enough precautions to ensure that the G6 remains as safe as possible.


According to reports coming from Korea, LG Electronics will be adopting a new technology as well as conduct much tougher tests just so as to ensure the battery of the LG G6 remains safe. The company will turn to copper-made heat pipes to help conduct generated heat away from the device faster. Heat pipes are mostly used on computers to prevent overheating of processors by dispersing the internal heat, hence reducing the temperatures by up to 10%.

LG will design the G6 with heat pipes, but ensure that the parts that heat up most are kept as far apart as possible so that heat is not concentrated in one area. The Korean tech giant will also be subjecting the LG G6 battery to heat exposure tests that go beyond the normal U.S. and European temperature standards by up to 15%, an official told The Investor. The battery will also be pierced with sharp objects or even drop heavy objects on it as part of these intensive tests.

LG also says that the G6 is going through a complex accelerated-life test where it is being subjected to harsh conditions, including exposure to high voltages, repeatedly dropping it down and so on so as to know what could happen to the phone if the same happened in real life. In short, with LG G6 fans eager to get a device that is reliable to them, we may be seeing another MIL-STD-810G certified LG phone similar to the V20 released late last year.

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