LG K41, K42, K43, K51, K52 and K53 Monikers Trademarked

LG K41

LG has filed trademarks for its new smartphones in the ‘K’ series that includes LG K41, K42, K43 and LG K51, K52 and K53.

The company has trademarked the above names with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). LG has already released multiple phones in the ‘K’ series including LG K420, K30, K40, K40s, K40 and K50s. The new trademarks could be for the smartphones the company will release next year. All these trademarks were filed under Class ‘9’ which confirms that these are smartphones.

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Apart from the above monikers, LG has already applied for trademarks for several upcoming smartphone terminologies related to foldable smartphones. The list includes LG Bendi, LG Solid, LG Solidis, XB, XF and LG Folds.

The South Korean smartphone maker also has in its kitty, a term for a smartphone with flexible display. The term trademark is ‘LG Rolling‘. Similar terms trademarked by LG include The Roll, Dual Roll, R Screen, R Canvas, Rotola, The Roll, Bi Roll and Roll Canvas.

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The company had also filed multiple trademarks applications for its upcoming phones in the ‘G’ series and ‘M’ series. None of these have been released yet! The monikers trademarked include the following:

In ‘G’ series: LG G10, G20, G30 and G40

In ‘M’ series: LG M10, M20, M30 and M40

LG recently launched its LG W30 Pro in India. Earlier this year, it had released LG W10 and W30 as the other two phones in its new ‘W’ series.

The new ‘K’ series phones trademarked yesterday can be expected to be released in the first half of 2020 and some of them could be seen at the MWC event that is held in the month of February. Stay tuned for more updates about these smartphones.

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