Alleged LG K43 (LM-K430IM) with Android 10, MediaTek Helio P22 SoC and 4GB RAM Spotted on Geekbench

LG W30

An upcoming LG phone with model number LM-K430IM, which could be LG K43, has appeared on Geekbench benchmarking platform.

According to the Geekbench listing, the phone will ship with the latest Android 10 OS and 4GB RAM. The processor that powers the phone is the Helio P22 chipset from MediaTek. The phone has a single-core score of 826 and multi-core score of 3893 in Geekbench.

LG K43

LG had introduced its ‘W’ series in India last year and had released three new phones namely LG W10, LG W30 and LG W30 Pro. The model number of LG W10 was LM-X130IM whereas LG W30 and W30 Pro had model numbers LM-X440IM and LM-X600IM respectively.

Going by the model number of the W series phones and this new phone, the ‘IM’ in the suffix confirms that this will be released exclusively in India. But it may not be the ‘W’ series phone since it has ‘K’ in it. Probably, LG is planning to release a new ‘K’ series phone in 2020 in India and this could be the one.

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A few months ago, LG had trademarked a few new monikers for its mobile phones. They were in the ‘M’ and ‘G’ series. The monikers trademarked were LG M10, LG M20, LG M30 and LG M40. In the ‘G’ series, LG G10, LG G20, LG G30 and LG G40 were trademarked. More phones in the ‘K’ series were also trademarked and they are LG K41, LG K42, LG K43 & LG K51, LG K52, LG K53.

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It’s difficult to predict the exact name of the phone. While LG could be planning to release a new lineup in India this year in ‘M’ or ‘G’ series, from the model numbers listed above, we can make a calculated guess that LM-K430 IM found in Geekbench today could be LG K43.

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