A World First? Xiaomi Mi 5s May Feature Fingerprint Sensor on Display

Xiaomi Mi 5s

Xiaomi has been making incredible strides recently and the company is reportedly in works to launch a phone where the display can work as a fingerprint sensor.

Today, even midrange devices have started offering a fingerprint sensor as standard. However, usage of the same may be cumbersome since some every phone has a unique placement. Some phones have even started offering the fingerprint sensor in the rear of the device so as to make it accessible using the index finger.

xiaomi mi 5s

A remarkable achievement for the smartphone industry will be to make the display function as a sensor without compromising on the security.A new leaked document suggest that Xiaomi may have come up with a solution in the yet to be launched Xiaomi Mi 5s. This new smartphone will not just be a competitor to the OnePlus 3, but it may easily challenge devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

One of the first and foremost aspects that strengthens the interest surrounding the Xiaom iMi 5s is the potential use of a snapdragon 821 chipset along with 6 GB of RAM. The use of this latest generation snapdragon processor along with the same amount of RAM as found on the OnePlus 3 is likely to make the Xiaomi Mi 5s one of the fastest smartphones around. The phone is rumored to pack a 3490 mAh battery used to power a 5.15 inch screen. Another healthy aspect of the device may be the 256 GB of storage found at the heart of the phone, and it could potentially eliminate the need for any memory card.

Xiaomi Mi 5s

A rear camera with a 16 megapixel sensor is also rumored while information about the front camera is not available yet. The biggest leak surrounding the Xiaomi Mi 5s may be the use of the display as a fingerprint sensor. This is likely to help Xiaomi come up with a bezel free design especially at the bottom. Xiaomi Mi 5s is reportedly set to make this possible by using the Snapdragon Sense ID. This feature is made possible by the use of 3D scanners just behind the screen. These 3D scanners can work across metal, glass and plastic, thus allowing the device to support this feature.

The possibility of seeing the Xiaomi Mi 5s officially before the end of 2016 is quite high considering that the phone only recently passed through the 3C certification in China.

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