Limited Offer: Huawei Honor 8 Discounted by up to $130 on Newegg

Honor 8

Huawei is busy pushing new devices in the market and the effect of this is that current devices start being discounted heavily in order to create room for the newer ones.

We know that there will be a new Huawei Honor 8 Pro coming as from April 5th, but whether this variant will also make it to the U.S. or not is still a debate. This could be one major reason as to why the tech giant has slowly started discounting the original Honor 8, something that we saw happening a few days ago.

Well, it is not just Huawei Honor that is throwing around discounts on the Honor 8, the likes of Amazon and Newegg are also doing the same. In fact, the latter retailer has the best discount in the market so far, with the 32GB variant receiving a discount of 28% while the 64GB variant has been slammed with a 29% discount.

Usually, the entry-level Huawei Honor 8 goes for $400 whereas the high-end variant comes in at a price of $450. At Amazon, you can have the former at a discount of $50 while the latter has been discounted by $70. This means that you buy the 32GB variant at $350 while the 64GB variant is priced at $380. If you are in the mood for more savings than what Amazon has to offer, there’s a place for you at Newegg.

Huawei Honor 8

Here, the retailer is selling you the 32GB Huawei Honor 8 with a discount of $112 while the 64GB variant is priced at a discount of $130.50. These discounts mean that you buy the former at just $288 while the latter comes in at $319.50. However, you must use provided promo codes in order to take advantage of this deal.

To get the discount on the 32GB Honor 8, use the promo code EMCRDRK52 and for the 64GB variant, use the code EMCRDRK45.

Keep in mind that this is a limited offer and apparently, it is only available for today only, so hurry up while it still lasts.

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