Samsung to announce what caused Galaxy Note 7 Explosions Tomorrow at 1 AM GMT

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was set to be one of the best, if not the best smartphones to be released not just in 2016, but by the company as well.

In the first few weeks that it managed to survive, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had received rave reviews from all over the tech world, with words like “perfect” and “all-round” used to describe it. But this was before the fateful explosions and sudden frying of the phone begun just about in every market that it had been launched. In fact, quite a number of markets never got to see the Galaxy Note 7 in flesh as it had not been launched there by the time the first recall was made. Here’s a short story of what happened to the Note 7.

With so many cases of overheating, smoking, frying and fires being reported from different markets with respect to the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung decided to recall the phone but skipped the Chinese market as there were no reported cases here. After a few tests, the South Korean company concluded that the batteries supplied by its Samsung SDI plant were to blame. Instead, it resumed selling Note 7 units packed with batteries sourced from another of its partners from China – ATL. Little did Samsung know that this had nothing to do with who made the battery – there was more!

Note 7 Batteries

Even after resuming the selling of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with ATL-made batteries, the explosions did not die, in fact, it only got worse. Airlines joined the party and banned the phone from any airport, including carrying it as luggage. This led to Samsung recalling the phone for a second time, but this time, there was no coming back.

Which brings us back to the event that is coming tomorrow – an event where Samsung will be announcing findings from a probe that has taken months. Apparently, this event will be held starting 01:00 AM GMT. Hopefully, this will bring to an end this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga that has seen the likes of Apple join the party with its own iPhones exploding and frying as well. However, the latter has not taken any bold steps towards the issue as the matter doesn’t seem to be vast.

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