Google Maps on Android Now Helps You Find Parking Spots Near Your Destination

Google Maps

As the team behind Google Maps continue to improve it with new updates, the app becomes better and more intuitive to use.

The app will help you find locations so far and with the latest update, it will also make it easier to identify good parking spots near your destination.

A seamless user experience relies on being able to get all the information you need with a single tap and Google Maps tries to achieve it by adding more useful information to the app’s interface. The update is already rolled out for Android devices and currently, about 25 cities in the United States are marked with the parking spot icon. When users tap on the icon, they will be able to see a long list of parking garages, individual spots and locations available within the perimeter.

Google Maps on Android Spots Near Your Destination

The latest version of Google Maps for Android provides parking info and once you have marked the spot, it will provide directions for you to walk to your desired destination. For example, if you want to reach a particular shop, mall or a theater, the parking garage closest to the location will be marked first. Once you reach it, the map will automatically switch to walking mode and provide directions until you reach your ultimate destination.

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A parking reminder feature was rolled out by Google in the month of April this year which allowed users to record and keep track of their parking locations. Google doesn’t want to constrain itself by providing services within the United States and always looks for possible options to help people living in other countries. While parking spot service may not be immediately available outside of U.S., at present the app developers have rolled out an option to get directions card and parking difficulty icon.

Google Maps on Android Now Helps You Find Parking Spots

The difficulty icon confirms whether parking is easy, medium or difficult considering the limited space available in the location. The data will also be acquired using parking ticket machines, data and people who have already used the particular venue for their cars. All the top cities in the U.S. including Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia among many others are covered by the app.

Google Maps continue to evolve with every passing day and the parking spot feature will be on the same lines as it will gather more data from users in the country as well as other regions to expand the service on a larger scale.

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